Colorful paper lantern wedding decor from Luna Bazaar that'll make you go "WHOA"

Updated Oct 12 2015
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If you're looking for a cost effective way to decorate the hell outta your venue, Luna Bazaar is a great online source for a huge selection of paper lanterns, parasols, and decor.

Luna Bazaar has been a featured vendor in several of our Real Offbeat Weddings, including…

In that vein, check out these decorating options…

I love all the differently shaped paper lanterns in this photo. Luna Bazaar has square paper lanterns, cocoon paper lanterns, and something called Pizelle paper lanters which look super cool. Heck, you can check out all their lantern choices to discover paper lanterns that you never knew existed either!

You can also shop by color — Luna Bazaar's got over fifty colors of lanterns, so you guys can find colored paper lanterns to match whatever crazy color scheme you can come up with! (PS: They ship to Canada! So you Canuck brides can get in on the crazy color action as well.)

Beyond paper lanters, Luna Bazzar is a veritable decor shopper's wet dream with their impressive collections of hand fans, candle holders, lanterns, vases, favor boxes and bags, even bridal clutches, and more! You can bet there'll be tons of stuff in your color scheme, or if you don't have a "scheme" per se, there's just tons of stuff to get you inspired. So, take a peak into the bazaar and see what you can come up with.

  1. I got all the paper lanterns and parasols for my wedding from Luna Bazaar and I was extremely happy with them. Great website!

  2. To brides who've had lit paper lanterns – can you give us an idea of the cost in getting lanterns hung and lit?

  3. Thanks for the heads-up on the lantern supplier. We have been looking for a good place to get these type of lanterns. We live on Maui and everything has to be shipped and there is almost no choice of styles locally.

  4. how do you get them all hung up, especially at an outdoor site? I am looking at a venue that has all these old low-hanging oak tree branches — any suggestions on how to rig 'em up? Thanks!

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