9 painted wedding dress masterpieces you have to see to believe

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Follow us into the wonderful world of painted wedding dresses… (Photo by Wild About You Photography)

I knew I wanted a colorful wedding dress. I spent almost a year searching for the right printed fabric, or the right ombre skirt, or the right pop of color somewhere… But nothing felt right. I wanted a colorful dress that wasn't perfect, that had some asymmetry to it, that captured movement and excitement. I had no idea, until I walked into RMINE's custom wedding dress shop, that what I wanted a freaking painted wedding dress.

I basically told the gals at RMINE that I wanted a dress that “looked like a unicorn sneezed on it.” And they whipped out their paint brushes, and worked into the night, until the store smelled of fresh paint and their floors looked like a unicorn had been slaughtered on them. And they gave me this beauty:

Photo by Wild About You Photography

If you're looking for more painted wedding dress inspiration or dresses you can purchase ASAP, keep scrolling…

The inspiration for all of this wedding (the dress, floral arrangements, invitation suite, tablescapes, and cake) was based on one of the groom's abstract paintings. Our favorite part? The groom even hand-painted the bride's tea-length dress, too! (Photo by Amy Haberland Photography)
Etsy seller MarinoMelotti makes these hand-painted silk dresses that absolutely astound. You can see the how she stretches the silk for the painting process, as well the amazing finished product.
This dress, omg. It's a one-of-a-kind splatter paint wedding dress, and I almost bought it. And then stopped myself, because I think it should be worn by an artist. Are you the one that's going to rock this dress?
This dress, omg. It's a one-of-a-kind splatter paint wedding dress, and I almost bought it for myself.
This splatter paint ombre wedding dress by KMK Designs is another unicorn sneeze masterpiece!
Not all hand-painted wedding dresses need to be wild colors, though. This black evening gown with gold painted details from Etsy seller CristaPetre is a stunner.
Here's what we know: Photo by Alex Kwong Photography, The bride @romirichardson designed her dress. The groom @mattiricho is 6'5″ tall. They are in Australia. The dress is amazing.


Or just embrace the painting theme, and make your dress look like it belongs on a wall in a museum, like this creation from Etsy seller loladarlingirl


And then there's this magical light-up painted wedding dress by Evey Couture that we'll be telling you all about soooon!

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  1. I’ve been ombré dyeing dresses for a couple years, but have wanted an excuse to really get dirty and do some splatter/drip painted ones. Maybe my excuse to finally do one should simply be “I want to create”…that sounds like a good plan to me… 🙂

    • AHHH! A full-on 13 unicorn sneeze!? Fuck yes. Mischief managed. 😉

      We haven’t gotten the photos back from Wild About You yet, so it hasn’t been featured. But it will! In the meantime, check out the hashtag #theredwoodwedding for sneaky peeks!

      • YAAY! Congratulations!! Can’t wait for the full length feature! <3

  2. Megan, thanks for mentioning my dress design and for this awesome article. These dresses look phenomenal! Thrilled and grateful to be in such amazing company! Thank you again! 🙂

  3. Yours takes the cake, Meggy. That shot with your glorious bouquet is magnificent!

  4. Amazing dress! So gorgeous. I love the photo of you cuddling the dog with the dress spilling out all around you, like a unicorn just sneezed and you happened to pop out in the centre!

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