Paint hearts on the back of your wedding shoes

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So you say you can't find the perfect shoes for your wedding? Do like Offbeat Bride reader Fichterleen did and paint some hearts on your old used shoes!

They're actually a used pair of “rock'n'roll” heels by T.U.K that I picked up in a Goodwill store for cheap. I didn't like the prints on them and they didn't fit with our cherry blossom themed wedding, so I just painted on some flowers and leaves and, since I had paint left and was bored, I added hearts in the back too ;D

Brilliant, right? We've featured lots of painted wedding shoes on Offbeat Bride, but the heart on the back of the heels is just beyond adorable. Almost as “beyond adorable” as Fichterleen and her new wife:

Photo by Martina

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  1. i did this! too bad the wedding didn’t end up happening. at the time i was engaged to an irishman, and we were both baristas at starbucks. i found a pair of leather mary janes at goodwill, roughed up the finish with fine grit sandpaper, and painted them iridescent violet with textile paint from AC Moore. the heels were wood wedges, so i used wood paint pens (also from AC Moore) to do a claddagh on one heel and a claddagh with a starbucks siren crown on the other.

    i’ll see if i can find my how-to photos when i get home. (:

  2. Oh wow! We put tiny blue hearts on the inside of my daughter’s heels last Saturday!

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