Rig up an easy outside photo booth by hanging a frame from a tree

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How do you turn a tree into a sweet-ass photo booth? Take a cue from Lucy and Dan for perhaps the easiest outdoor photo booth idea ever: just hang an open frame from a branch. Voila.

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  1. Just be sure to have them at different levels or have a stool handy for those who are “vertically impaired.” I’m 4’11”, my husband is 6’2″. The couple who hosted the wedding were also on the tall end of the spectrum. Though we had a laugh about it later (and are some of the best photos), the photos are just of my eyes and nose peeking out at the bottom of the frame. The photographer ran around later that day and found a stool for me and others who were also vertically challenged.
    Not to mention, seeing the frames hanging from the trees creates a nice whimsy area.

  2. We did this except with a giant faux-Polaroid frame made out of plywood and painted white, with our names and date written on the bottom part of the frame. It was a huge hit! You can fit 4-5 people inside the frame, which i think is a little more fun than this style where the frame only fits 1 person.

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