Lay down the easiest outdoor ceremony decor ever: RUGS!

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 | Photography by Alex & Cammy Photography
Rugs as ceremony decor from @offbeatbride
Photos by Alex & Cammy Photography

Looking for an easy outdoor ceremony decor idea? Kimber and Kaylee opted to use a few cute little rugs to mark their ceremony spot and it looked ADORABLE. Plus, they were able to take the rugs home and be reminded of their ceremony every time they looked at them.

The addition of three rugs that we found on clearance also helped to brighten the space. I liked the idea that we would be able to bring the rugs back into our home and keep that little piece of our ceremony forever.

I love rag rugs and you can find those for seriously inexpensive prices. Ikea even has them for $6.99. They'd add a bit of a boho chic touch to your ceremony. Plus, easy setup: lay 'em down and you're done.

Rugs as ceremony decor from @offbeatbride

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Katherine and James also used this same easy outdoor wedding ceremony decor idea at their barefoot Australian wedding:

Photo by Lucy Spartalis


You can see their full wedding right here.

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  1. Keeping this idea tucked away for later. It really does make the photos pop even more : )

    • I love that it lets you be comfortably barefoot. My guy is exactly my height, but I still plan on wearing mega heels. Carpets would let me kick off the shoes, not get dirty, and be eye to eye during the ceremony.

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