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We have decided to have an iPod Playlist reception and I've searched all over the internet for the best ways to do it. First, here's what I've learned:

  1. Use cross-fade (I'm using seven seconds).
  2. Use the volume matching tool in iTunes (called “sound check”) so no song is louder than all the others.
  3. Having sections is very good. You can read some great ideas in this article. I currently have every section (even the one song section) set up as separate playlists. This means that if we want to pause it and have someone announce each event, the song won't begin to fade into another at the end.
  4. To start with, we had a song for first dance, father-daughter dance, bouquet toss, and cake cutting. I've split these up with 15-20 min sections of music. Five songs each (three upbeat, one slow, one upbeat). The important thing for the main event is having five to six upbeat songs then one to two slow. People need a rest from dancing!

We are '90s kids so ignore anything cheesy! It's like bred into us or something. It's not all our taste, but we've tried to create a mix so everyone can enjoy the music.

First Dance

  • Wakey!Wakey!'s “Light Outside” (hear it)

Dancey Bit 1

  • Glen Millers's “In the Mood” (hear it)
  • Mark Ronson's (feat. Amy Winehouse) “Valerie” (hear it)
  • The Jam's “A Town Called Malice” (hear it)
  • UB40's “Can't Help Falling in Love” (hear it)
  • Paolo Nutini's “Pencil Full of Lead” (hear it)

Father-Daughter Dance

  • Chuck Berry's “You Never Can Tell” (hear it) And yes, we will be recreating the Jack Rabbit Slims twist contest, Pulp Fiction-styley.

Dancey Bit 2

  • Duran Duran's “Hungry Like the Wolf” (hear it)
  • Alphabeat's “The Spell” (hear it)
  • The Beatles' “Help!” (hear it)
  • Take That's “Patience” (hear it)
  • B*Witched's “C'est la Vie” (hear it)

Bouquet Throw

  • Beyonce's “Single Ladies” (hear it)

Dancey Bit 3

  • Girls Aloud's “Love Machine” (hear it)
  • Beyonce's “Crazy in Love” (hear it)
  • Dexy's Midnight Runners' “Come on Eileen” (hear it)
  • Fyfe Dangerfield's “She's Always a Woman” (hear it)
  • The Temper Trap's “Sweet Disposition” (hear it)

Cake Cutting

  • The Beach Boys' “God Only Knows” (hear it)

Now we'd like to see what kind of play lists YOU'VE come up with! '80s flashback reception? Die hard metal fans? Or do love to swing dance? Send us YOUR offbeat playlist!

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Comments on Pop Punk Bride’s iPod reception tips + playlist

  1. I would just like to say that crossfade should be set to 1 second.

    Most songs fade out and then there’s a few seconds of silence in the track. At my wedding, I did the iPod DJ, and almost all of my songs had a delay between the next song because of the whole fade-out/silence at the end of songs. So there was always about a 5-15 second gap between songs. Which was fine (everyone would stop dancing and anticipate the next song), but an extra 5-10 seconds on top of that is quite the delay.

    Also, TURN OFF the clicky noise on your iPod. If you leave it on, it’ll click when it changes songs or when someone changes the volume/playlist/scrolls. I read a story about someone who did an iPod wedding and accidentally left the clicky noise on, which REALLY startled everyone.

      • It will depend on what kind of iPod you have. Assuming you have a nano (being the current iPod):

        Go to Main Menu
        Choose Settings > General
        Then scroll to the Clicker, and press until the option OFF is set.


        (Also, crossfading can ONLY be done in iTunes, not on your iPod directly).

    • Cross-fade means the next song will be fading in while the previous song fades out, so they cross over. That means there shouldn’t be any silence, and the longer the cross-fade is, the less chance of any awkward silence happening to break up the dancing 🙂

    • Crossfading to 7 seconds means more crossover than 1 second. That means that rather than adding 5-10 seconds, you’re removing 7 seconds of that gap at the end because the next song starts 7 seconds before the first one even ends. It’s bloody obnoxious when you have songs that actually end rather than fade out, but you used to be able to mark those as “ignore crossfading.”

    • Excellent 🙂 We’re going to go stand on the floor as if ready to do a slow dance and then this will kick off! Fab!

      • My favorite movie, so I am having a few of the songs, including this one, at the reception. Im gonna try to convince hubby-to-be to learn the dance. Ive got most of Mia’s part down, since i was her for halloween twice 😀

  2. I’m still debating (but am pretty sure) what my ceremony music will be. I don’t have all the songs down but I do know that we’re being introduced to a part in Bohemian Rhapsody. The part where they were headbanging in Wayne’s World where it starts really rocking. The DJ is going to put that on loop for us. It’s one of our favorite movies after all! And then we’re going to dance to Metallica-Nothing Else Matters. And we’re going to wrap up the evening with Drop Kick Murphy’s- Kiss Me I’m Shitfaced. The rest of the music is going to be a mix of all types of music. Rock, pop, country, some oldies but goodies from our parent’s hey days.

  3. I used Audacity to trim every single track on our iTunes reception playlist so that our 5 second crossfade worked perfectly one to the next. It took a while but it sounded great on the night! Not an awkward silence in sight (or should I say hearing?)

  4. Just another tip: Make sure, if you’re not hiring a DJ, that there is someone in charge of keeping an eye on the iPod / switching playlists as necessary throughout the reception. I tried to do that for my wedding, but there were still some awkward moments where I was poking my new husband to tell him to get one of the groomsmen to get the cupcake “playlist” (actually just one song, like PopPunkBride did) ready.

  5. SUCH a timely post. We’re pulling together our playlist just now, after our DJ let us down. I’ve been feeling almost a little bummed that so many wedding blog posts are no longer relevant to me (no idea why because I’m psyched to get married in three weeks) so this one made me smile.

  6. Hey! I just wanted to say thanks so much for posting this, I’ve been scouring, SCOURING I say, the internet for ipod recoption advice. Because really I want the music to kick serious ass! So thank you thank you thank you!

  7. Here’s my tentative list for my ceremony and reception: Ceremony songs: processional–Mairi’s Wedding (change it to MY NAME), Bride’s processional– Ashitaka and San from Princess Mononoke recessional–Vivaldi Concerto in G Major for 2 Mandolines and Strings RV532:I.Allegro, Reception songs: announcement song–South Rampart Street Parade (instrumental), dinner music–Oscar Peterson (It’s soft jazz and all sounds like dinner music), first dance song–Just the Two of Us by Grover Washington and Bill Withers, cake cutting song–Eat It by Weird Al Yankovic, bouquet song–Girls Night Out by Wynonna Judd, taking off garter song–Gimme Dat Ding, garter song–Theme from Two and a Half Men (Manly Men), circle–My Wild Irish Rose and Let Me Call You Sweetheart, bride & groom & families–We Are Family

  8. Just a word of warning with the iTunes “sound check”. It will work for most songs, but there will still be songs that are quieter or louder than others, it’s just the difference will be less than without the “sound check” on. So my advice would be to have a quick flick through all your songs after you’ve got your list together and check there aren’t any glaringly obvious volume changes!

    • I would agree with this. I’ve been listening to the end of each song and how well it blends in to the next one (especially with such a long crossfade) and have found some which I couldn’t use. It’s essential to try out the playlist! 🙂

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