How Glö can help you stop stressing about invitations, RSVPs, and guest list drama

Updated Oct 12 2015
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glo-800pxI bet a lot of y'all are thinking about your wedding invitations. If you find yourself stressing out about the environmental implications, the hand-cramping task of writing addresses, or designing inserts for every one of your wedding events, then I have one question for you: Have you thought about going paperless? More specifically, have you thought about paperless invitations from longtime Offbeat Bride sponsor Glö?

Glö has tons of wedding correspondence tools that will wow your guests, but will save you time, stress, and your sanity. Here's what you can do with Glö:

  • Send Glövites: You can choose from email wedding invitations, save-the-dates, and Thank You notes. Choose from their awesome designs, or create your own. If you're worried about your grandma groking an evite, check out this post and ease your mind.
  • Create a Glösite: You get your own multi-page wedding website. You can personalize it by adding photos, a countdown, fancy slideshows, videos, interactive maps, or any other widget. You can even specify which guests can view each page.
  • Organize events: Add unlimited events to your website (e.g., rehearsal dinner and reception) and select which guests are able to view each event. The website only shows the appropriate events to each guest, thus preventing hurt feelings. Ta-dah!
  • Track RSVPs: Add unlimited RSVP questions for each event, seamlessly collect responses, and view them online, or download them to a .csv file. Guests can edit RSVP responses for their entire household, preventing duplicate RSVPs. You can also update your guests' RSVP responses online.
  • Communicate with guests: Glö's messaging tools are a super-easy way to remind your errant guests to RSVP, or send last-minute updates.

Yay for a sophisticated, savvy, and eco-friendly solution to the chaos that is invitations/events/RSVPs/guest management! Glö actually makes wedding planning easier for you, and all for less than what most couples spend on stamps: Set up your Glö account right now!

  1. I'm using Glo for my invitations, and I love it! Everyone I tell about it says that it's such a good idea. Who knows if they're snarking about me behind my back, but at least they're nice to my face, right?. I was seriously dreading invitations (finding addresses, buying them, paying to send them), ugh not my thing at all. Particularly now that our guest list has ballooned to close to 300… Thanks, Glo, for saving my sanity on this part of wedding planning!

    • I LOVE to hear this! I'm so glad Glo has been helpful. I too dreaded the idea of all the invitation logistics and that's exactly why Glo was born.

  2. OMG THANK YOU FOR THIS. I know it's a pay site and I had been hoping for a free one, but this has a bunch of stuff I REALLY NEED for my wedding. The multiple events (two weddings = 2 showers, 2 rehearsals, 2 receptions, 222222…….) and the weighted RSVPs is awesome. Being able to download the invites to a PSD file to get them printed for the people who will insist on paper invites (grandma, cousin who does scrapbooking) is absolutely awesome! Tho I realize MyWedding prints invites too. MyWedding was so sickeningly girly and I couldn't figure out if it offers half the things I really need, like how the RSVP questions work and half of the things they were bragging about having are things I don't even want.

    Two things mywedding does that glo doesn't: photo app for the day of that links to the website, and easier connection to registries.

    One thing Glo doesn't that mywedding does and was my deciding factor: force me to identify as male or female. Because F THAT.

    I will happily pay half my postage budget to erase postage, paper costs, and the hassle of mailing a bunch of things that get lost, with auto-RSVP updating and all the nerdy awesomeness that is their data collection. I just wish they had an integrated photo app.

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