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Updated Oct 12 2015
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Remember OBB sponsor Glö? Well, the online wedding invitation service is back with some exciting news. But first a little background, in case you missed it the first time

With Glö, you can:

  • Send Glövites: paperless invitations, custom save-the-dates and even a group thank you!
  • Create a matching wedding website, aka. Glosites, with unlimited pages, photos, widgets, interactive maps and downloadable documents.
  • Add unlimited events to your website and select which guests are able to view each event. This is a great option for weddings certain guests are only invited to the reception.
  • Add unlimited RSVP questions, collect the answers and view them online or download them. Couples can also update their guests' RSVP responses online.
  • Easily communicate with all of your guests before and after the wedding using their easy messaging tool. For example, this "week of the wedding update."
  • Choose your own design: use their awesome designs or upload your own!

And now, here's the exciting announcement:

All of Glö's awesome designs are now available in matching paper versions — perfect for those older relatives or non-techie types. And they're nice to have as a keep-sake too.

Not only is Glö eco-friendly, and super time-saving, but they're budget-friendly too — I'm talking a package with email invites, glosite, guestlist and RSVPs for 100 guests, for $99. And their packages start at $75 and go up from there, depending on your needs. But, if you're still dubious, they offer a free trial. So, check 'em out and save money, time, the environment and a ton of wedding-related stress!

  1. I have been using Glo since about March and I love the service! It has definitely made life easier. I highly suggest using their service and I love that you can now print the designs; we have some computer phobic guests, so this is great!

  2. I've been on Glo since July and LOVE IT. It's a great way for everything to be in a centralized database. I love that there are print invites now available, what bride doesn't want matching stationary?!?!
    Do yourself a favor and sign up pronto!

  3. Shanelle and Alicia, Hooray! I'm all smiles that Glö has been so useful for you – and I totally love having you gals as Glöbies 🙂 Hope all your planning is going well.

  4. I, too, am a Glo veteran. I really cannot stop singing the praises about Glo and Taryn. I'll try to just list a few of my favorite parts:
    – Eco-friendly and *way* cheaper (and less work!) than paper invites.
    – Powerful tools to group/label guests (for example, you could label certain guests with "Rehearsal" and only invite those guests to the rehearsal dinner).
    – More ease of working with guests: It's super convenient to see who has viewed the invite, who has RSVPd, etc., and you can always export everything to a file you can open in Excel. Huge time-saver. Also, you can keep track of gifts and whether you sent your guests thank-yous. Seriously, Glo has thought of everything!
    – Since I don't have to pay extra to send out more things, I plan to send out a note the week before the wedding with an update on weather. Something I wouldn't have been able to do otherwise.
    – It's easier for guests to RSVP quickly online than to remember where they put the invite and wonder whether they sent the reply. As a result, quicker (and more) RSVPs.
    – Uniqueness: you can still make your invites as unique (off-beat) as you are by designing them yourselves. We did that even though the provided templates were very nice.

    Okay, I'll stop. But really, save yourselves some time, money, and stress, and check it out :).

  5. Life saver! I have been searching around for just this kind of site and there is was on Offbeat Bride today! Thank you thank you thank you!! Now off to design our invites and site.

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