Completely customizable online wedding communications from Glö

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Glövite and Glösite exampleGlö is a website that offers online wedding communications — paperless wedding stationery, guest list and wedding websites with unlimited pages, widgets (ie. photo albums, slideshows, interactive maps, videos, a pacman game, whatever!), and RSVPs. Through Glö you can have the option to go entirely paperless or match your Glövites/Glösites with other paper products (e.g. send online save the dates and paper invites). It's all pretty fantastic and incredibly convenient.

And it's totally customizable… You can choose from one of their awesome designs, but you're totally not limited to that — you can also upload your own design. Which means that if you wanted to create your own logo for your wedding, you could easily upload it to your invitations (online or paper) and your wedsite.

With their smart RSVP technology, your Glö site knows which guest is viewing your page and then only shows them applicable events. So there's no awkwardness (and possible hurt feelings) when guests aren't sure to what events they are (or aren't) invited. Love that!

Glö's online wedding communications aren't free, but for a limited time they are insanely affordable — we're talking $40 is the most you'll pay for one of their 18 month subscriptions. So head over to Glö and start doing basically everything you need to do to get your wedding up and running smoothly!

  1. Although I'm very attached to my computer, and I like the idea of less paper waste, what will e-mail invitations do to the postal system? The invitation vendors? I've seen this site support local artists and such for their unique products, so why not stationers? And the post office? What will happen to them when people stop mailing things and insist on doing everything online? Think about the state our newspaper industry is in right now!

    • I don't think Glo is any threat to print designers — and as for the Post Office? They're using an outdated business model, and that's not brides' faults. Even the Postmaster General says, "There is no question that the Postal Service's business model is not viable."

    • The post office is going to have to start focusing on transfer of goods rather than letters. At least until they figure out how to jam a t-shirt through a DSL modem.

  2. I have to agree with Ariel and Dina on this one – just like any company, the postal service will need to innovate based on what today's customers want and need in order to stay in business. Check out their Vision 2013 on their website, where they themselves talk about this in more detail.

    As for stationers, well Рwe love them here at Gl̦! Our ambition is to work with them and definitely not against them. We think of paperless stationery and wed-sites as simply an exciting new way for paper-based stationers to share their amazing design skills. This is one of the reasons we felt strongly that couples should be able to upload designs into Gl̦ Рwhich gives them the freedom to work with their favorite designer and/or to coordinate online communications with other paper-based materials like invites, menus, programs, etc.

    At the end of the day, wedding save the dates and invitations need to go out! We simply think that today's couples should have the option to go paperless without sacrificing sophistication.

  3. Spent the past 30 minutes playing with the site. Seems a lot better than what I had been planning to use before. I kind of wish under "manage events" it had a column for # of guests you have set for each event.

  4. Wow. I wish I'd heard about this company before I went through all the trouble of custom-making my own wedsite. We're down to being 5 months from the wedding and haven't sent out our STDs. We're going all DIY and the stress of designing, creating and sending these necessary "heads-up" notes has been eating at me. I'm definitely going to show this to my FI and already know that I wouldn't miss our custom (and cumbersome) wedsite if we went with this.

  5. I'm very much considering on signing up, but there's one thing stopping me, and that is a gift registry option.
    I've seen another site where people can log in and tick a box to say that a particular item has been bought and that item is taken off the list. Alternatively, if several of that item are required, then you can enter the number you're going to buy. I don't like the idea of signing up with several different websites. If this is a feature you'd be adding in the future, you've definitely scored another customer in me!

    To be honest, I'd only sign up with a site that offered that option. I'd happily forgo a wed-site in favour of an online gift registry. 🙂

    • Hi Kat, We don't currently offer an integrated registry, but it's definitely something I'll consider in the future!

      For today, one thing you could do is integrate is a service like Wishpot, which allows you to register with multiple stores (I believe they operate in US, UK and Italy.) Wishpot has a cute widget (Account settings > Get widget) that you could could include on your Glösite. Although you would still have to sign up with Wishpot, I believe this service is free and would still make things super easy for you and your guests. Hope it helps!

      • Hi Taryn,

        Beautiful service! Not sure if you saw the post that OBB did about us last week, but I'd love to talk to you about how the Deposit a Gift online cash gift registry service could be an integrated offering for your users. Could be an interesting fit since we both have paperless offerings 🙂

        Kat- Perhaps this is what you are looking for?

        I'd love to chat with either of you. Feel free to drop me a line.

        dana [at] depositagift [dot] com

  6. Is the only way a guest can access the site by email? This seems that it would be very problematic for older guests that do not use email.

    • Hi K.K., Currently Glösites require a login (either automatically via a Glövite or manually via the site's URL.) This is because your site needs to know who is viewing in order to show the correct events & RSVP questions. We also assumed that anyone who has internet would have an email address, but maybe this is not the case and we should reconsider!

      What some couples have done for email-less guests is to add a universal email address to their Guest list (e.g., use, set up a password for this 'guest' by simply viewing the site as this guest, and then share the URL and login details (email + password) with the email-less guest via a printed invitation or by phone.

      Alternatively, if the email-less guest can be included in another household (e.g., including Grandma with your parent(s) or an Aunt/Uncle) then a member of this household could help the email-less guest view the site and RSVP (or RSVP on their behalf.)

      Hope one of those options will help!

    • Hi K.K.,

      Just wanted to let you know that we've added a new functionality to Glö that might better suit your needs. You can now set up your Glösite so that only the Events & RSVP pages require guests to log in.

      This means that the other pages (welcome, travel info, guestbook, custom pages, etc.) can be viewed simply by typing in the URL of your site. Thus, you can include the site URL on a printed save the date or invite for guests who don't have an email address.

      In order for guests to view the Events and RSVP pages, they will still need to login with an email address(this is how Glö knows what Events & RSVP questions to show to them.) Login occurs automatically when guests first view a Glövite, or is done manually when if they view the site directly from a URL. To track RSVPs for email-less guests, I can suggest that you add them to your guest book and then either include them in another household that can RSVP on their behalf or else ask the guest to RSVP directly to you and then update their RSVP manually in Glö.

      Hope this is helpful and provides more flexibility for you and others in a similar situation!

  7. Wow, Glo, this is fancy stuff! I am so impressed by the way the site lets me customize it all. I could imagine using this for invitations post-wedding too, for parties or other events.

    • Thanks Caroline! We've had several couples use their accounts for things like moving home announcements, baby announcements, milestone bday parties and other celebrations. I love seeing how creative everyone gets!

  8. I've just started my Glo trial, and I think I will end up going with using Glo because it is the easiest. But, I still have a lot of complaints that hopefully will be addressed in the future. Most importantly, there are not enough design templates and the ones that there are not great and do not let you change anything. I, like many brides, am not savvy enough to make my own (nor do I have enough time to try). Secondly,there are very few font options, with none of the fancier ones usually used on wedding invites. Third, it is not easy to change the position of the text on the invites. You basically have to use spaces, and the area you type in is not the same size as the invite, so it makes figuring out the correct spacing difficult. Finally, I'd like to be able to easily change the heading fonts and colors on the wedsite. As it is, you can choose these things for "text" only (which changes all text). Other than that, I found the website really easy to use and quick. Much better than the website I was originally using.

    However, if you are up for a cheap, quick, easy way to get your invites out (like I am) and an easy to use website, this site is for you.

    • Hi sma,

      Thanks so much for this feedback Рit's always great for me to know what everyone likes about Gl̦ and also where I can work to improve in the future! I'd love to know more about the types of designs you'd like to see Рyou can email me at taryn [at] glosite [dot] com if you come across styles that you like and want to share.

      Under Manage Glösite > edit design, it is possible to choose a different color for the site title, navigation links, and page text/titles. Plus on each individual page, you can edit the text color for a specific word, line, paragraph, etc. (If you want to have blue page titles but red page text, just set the overall design > text color to blue, and then on each 'edit page' change the text color to red if that makes sense.) Just wanted to make sure you knew this functionality was available in case we haven't made it obvious or intuitive enough. I'll have a think about how we could add more font customization in the future.

      If you have specific questions or more feedback, please do get in touch – I love to hear it all!

    • Hi sma,

      Just an update! As of today, there are 30 new designs to choose from, and we have added a slew of new, fancy font options for the Glövites. We've also made some changes that make it easier to format and align text on the Glövites.

      Thanks for the feedback above and I hope you enjoy the changes!

  9. I'm seriously considering this as a supplement to the print invitations. We have enough "old fashioned" guests who would be extremely put-off by receiving an online invite, unfortunately (we also have a handful of guests who do not have email or easy access to a computer – primarily the elderly guests). However, I like the idea of the save the dates (I sent out informal ones, but these are nicer!), guest management tools, and a wedsite that links easily. I also like the idea of sending a "mass thank you" a few days after the wedding, while I get my act together with the handwritten thank you cards!

    To the Glo-folks: I was a little confused about the pricing. It looks like the wedsite and the rsvp services are available with "glo lite", but not the "stationary" – does this mean I would be more limited in what I would be sending to my guests, or does it mean that I couldn't send a save-the-date, etc.?

    • Hi Irisira,

      I'm glad that you think Glö will be useful in helping you to plan. We also had a few older relatives who didn't have email – so we sent about 10 paper invites to those guests and paperless invites to the rest. Worked like a charm. 🙂

      The Glö Light package includes a wedsite with smart events & RSVPS, but not animated stationery, so you can not send save-the-dates, invites, a 'mass' thank-you, etc. With the Light package, you can send text-only emails to your guests in the "manage guests" section if that is all you want/need.

      The 'Complete' Packages include the above features plus unlimited stationery, which means that you can send animated save-the-dates, invites, and/or a mass thank-you – whatever suits your celebration the best!

      Hope that helps to clarify. If you have any questions – feel free to email me at taryn [at] glosite [dot] com and we can chat more about it.

  10. I am using Glosite for my wedding and i was REALLY happy to find it. I am using it to reinforce the save the dates, handle rsvp's and provide wedding day details (hotels, directions, addresses).

    Once our guest respond and rsvp to our Glosite, i have set it up that it asks for their snail mail address. It's pretty awesome because now i only have to send formal paper invitations to the guests that are coming and no one has to send me back a reply card.

    I see it as a mix of modern and traditional with very very little hassle. Practical!

    It's super easy to use tho i did wish that their were more template designs. I ended up making my own. And Taryn is pretty awesome. I had a really dumb problem and i emailed her and she responded in an hour. Help me out and even reformatted something for me.


  11. I used glo for my wedding, and was so glad I did. Our guests loved it, and it set just the right modern but stylish tone. We had a few paper invites we had to send (grandma etc), but got paper copies made that matched the online invites we sent. The best thing for me was how easy it was to manage RSVPs, especially as we had a few different events over our wedding weekend. Thanks so much to the folks at Glo for taking a bit of stress out of the planning!

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