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Updated Feb 3 2021
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Rose Garland Wedding Set in pink and silver
Rose Garland Wedding Set in pink and silver
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The first time I introduced you to our sponsor Wexford Jewelers I said "I work for a wedding blog, I see a LOT of jewelry — and I have NEVER seen anything like Wexford Jewelers designs." That was two years ago, and it is still true today.

Every time — and I mean every damn time — I see one of our readers' Wexford Jewelers rings, I lose my freaking mind. Then I start giving my ol' engagement ring the side-eye. Because OMG I WANT WANT WANT all these handmade wedding ring art pieces. Come look, drool, covet, fall in love, and find your wedding bands, as we explore some of Wexford's one-of-a-kind jewelry collections that'll never leave you side-eyeing your ring, and keep you just as infatuated with it, year after year…

Trieste Roses II: silver and ruby
Trieste Roses II: silver and ruby

The Rose Garden Collection is Wexford Jewelers' most popular collection. In the modeling process, each petal is hand-formed, each leaf vein is etched in under magnification. Wexford does all of this work in Northern Michigan, where, as they put it, "the summers are short and glorious, and we need a bit of floral inspiration to last us through the wicked winters!"

Maple Leaf Wedding Set, White Gold and Diamond
Maple Leaf Wedding Set, white gold and diamond

Wexford Jewelers' Organic Collection is inspired by "swirling eddies of water, broken bits of twig, and the foam on the edge of a tidal pool." The rings in the organic collection are made to appear like they have just grown on your finger. Cheese-ball alert: …Just like your love sprang up organically and grew in your heart. (Dudes, I told ya I was going for cheese!)

Bisnonna Wedding Set, rose gold and diamond
Bisnonna Wedding Set, rose gold and diamond

Ooh, and then there's the Vintage Collection. Mmmm, a touch of Victorian, a dash of Rococo, and even a pinch of Etruscan… a feast for the eyes and the fingers of any vintage-lover The rings from this collection are speshy-special: like all of Wexford Jewelers' rings, they're hand-made, but the vintage rings have been modeled after actual pieces of vintage jewelry.

Tree Trunk Ring in peridot.
Tree Trunk Ring in peridot.

The Root Collection is officially my most favorite. Here's the cool part about this collection: each Root ring is formed from pieces of wax reclaimed from Wexford's other custom design processes. The steps that they take to achieve the unique textures and lines are TOP SECRET. No two will ever be remotely alike. Which means your ring from the Root Collection will be as one-of-a-kind as it gets (cheese-ball alert!) like YOU. (D'aww, my love for these designs is making me gushy like a huge tub of freshly microwaved Velveeta cheese.)

Oh, but there's so much more to Wexford Jewelers' mind-blowing ring designs… Collections inspired by stars, gorgeous opal engagement rings, even black bat rings and a wedding band that looks like Michigan!? You've got to dive into Wexford Jewelers and share my fascination.

  1. Right there with ya, Megan. My old ring is perfect and I <3 it, but these Wexford rings… they make me dream. Someday!

    (Also, cool new opal designs!!!)

  2. Yay Wexford Jewelers! I have a Wexford Jewelers white gold Rose Garden ring (which is my engagement ring and also my wedding ring, because I'm a single ring kind of gal) and I LOVE it so much still! I get compliments all the time on it's uniqueness and every time I look at it, it makes me smile. Hooray for Wexford!

  3. I just received a white gold and moissanite rose garden ring as my engagement ring, and I cannot wait to get married to add on the second part of the set. So gorgeous and unique! I'm so glad my future husband pays attention to my pinterest boards!

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