Omaha’s Christine McGuigan Photography NAILS IT when it comes to all things wedding photography

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Okay kids, let's all just take a minute to gawk over this photo from offbeat sponsor Christine McGuigan. I mean… the location, the light, the colors, those smiles! OMG, the smiles are just gorgeous. The moment I saw this engagement photo I just stopped and stared and breathed in the visuals and the love. Come, let's breathe in more love and beauty while I share with you some of my favorite Christine McGuigan photos from some of her offbeat Omaha weddings. WARNING: colorful balloons, twinkly string lights, sweet first looks, and sexy kisses ahead…

Megan and Josh got married surrounded by brightly colored balloons. Scrolling through their feature on Christine's site made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Speaking of warm and fuzzy, wait 'til your read what Christine wrote to us:

Photography is such a driving force in my life. It's not just my job, it's everything. Second only to my family, it is really what I live for. As a person and a vendor, I'm very humble, very…. nice. I help carry the bride's bag, I'll hand the groom beers out of the fridge, I'll pin boutonnieres on people. I have no airs, no attitude — I don't feel that there's a place for that in my industry.

Boom! Nailed it! 🙂

You know what else Christine McGuigan nailed (besides the photos and the attitude)… her pricing! She only has one wedding package, and it's beyond awesome. All day wedding coverage for $1895 including:

  • No time limit
  • Disc of edited high resolution images
  • Copyright release for printing
  • A private online gallery
  • Engagement session with images
  • Coffee table book or traditional album of your wedding

Have you picked your jaw up off the ground yet? Too bad, I'm about to make you drop it again when I link to Melanie and Chris' wedding with yellow and turquoise accents and a hot dog truck. Yup, hot dog truck. Those of you looking for decor inspiration take a peak over here. Those of you looking for an Omaha wedding photographer, keep scrolling…

Okay Omaha, I don't really have anything else say, I just wanted you to swoon over this romantic kissy photo with me. And now I want you to book Christine McGuigan for your wedding and engagement photos so I can see more of her fantastic work!

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  1. I have no need for any photography work right now but I will say from the photos on this page, she certainly deserves recognition! The photos are amazing!

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