Talia and Charles 253

It's pretty fantastic when wedding favors serve multiple purposes: in this case, Talia and Charles used these bottles of olive oil as centerpieces and gifted them to wedding guests at the end of the night. No dealing with the ol' what do we do with the centerpieces? debate, AND your invitees get to go home with something they can cook with.

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Comments on Give olive oil as favors (and use as centerpiece)

  1. As a budding foodie I love this idea! If the colouring of olive oil went with my colours I would be inclined to steal this!!

  2. This is really neat! My dad works at a local olive oil bottling company. It would be kind of neat if he was able to make a special blend for us.. and since we’re having a hallowedding, I can make spooky labels for the bottles. Aaahhh, thank you for this idea!

  3. That’s a cool idea! Just don’t try to infuse it with garlic or herbs, or you risk botulism. But straight olive oil would be pretty cool, especially if you had a really good brand to share!

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