Old world style and delicate details in Brilliant Earth's Belle Époque Collection (plus a free necklace offer!)

Updated Oct 12 2015
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Valentine's Day is a heady time for lusty lovers of velvet boxes filled with shiny gems (and also candy!). Even if you're not a fan of Valentine's Day (and friends, we get it… we really do), you can't deny that it's a super-nice excuse to spoil your sweetie. Thankfully, longtime sponsors and friends of the Empire, Brilliant EarthThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them, are here to show us some of the sparkly-y goodness that will melt any heart this Valentine's Day. Their Belle Époque Collection (French for "Beautiful Era") is all about old world elegance and Victorian Nouveau designs.

Bella Diamond Ring

If your plan is to get engaged, Brilliant Earth has ethically-sourced diamond engagement rings in their Belle Époque Collection, too. With bezel settings, encircled by a thin border of precious metal, or milgrain and beading detail… the hardest part about ordering from Brilliant Earth is choosing which one your vintage style-loving partner will love the most.


The studs in our lives might flip over some whimsically-shaped earrings: moons, stars, and buttons. These are also totally appropriate for the kids in your life (maybe part of blended family vows?), or perhaps these are the Valentine's treats you'll give to yourself.

Collection Group Shot

Oh, and as a BONUS… who doesn't want more jewelry with your jewelry?!

Brilliant Earth is offering a free silver infinity pendant with any engagement ring purchase through February 5th, 2014.


Brilliant Earth never fails to keep us wanting more with their consistent commitment to ethical practices and, let's face it, DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS jewelry. Start shopping now so you can order in time for Valentine's Day shipping!

  1. Okay, can't deny it: I desperately want those cresent moon studs just so I can channel my inner Sailor Senshi. Now all I need is a couple spare hundred bucks. Sigh.

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