Nicole and Mike had an Alice in Wonderland-themed wedding, complete with flower girl and ring bearer costumes, mushroom and teacup centerpieces, and the bride's handmade blue dress (complete with lacy pantaloons!). Mike, meanwhile, channeled his inner Mad Hatter too. The wedding was held at Darby House in Galloway, OH and was the perfect outdoor backdrop to this theme. Austin-based Studio Uma photographed all the moments and shared them with us.

You can see more photos from this wedding over at Studio Uma's Facebook page.

Comments on Curiouser and curiouser: it’s an Alice in Wonderland wedding

  1. Love the brawling picture! and super curious about the blindfold, I wanna know at what point did he take it off?
    over all…so lovely!

    • He was blindfolded so he wouldn’t see me walking on the other side of the window while everyone else was walking down the aisle. His brother forgot to tell him to take it off when I reached the aisle, so I had to tell him. It was pretty comical.

  2. EEEEEEE!!!!! What a pretty pretty bride!

    And those pantaloons – oh la la!

    And another thing: Where the heck did she get those awesome spectator boots???

    • No lie! Can I have his number? (I’d insist that my intentions are strictly professional but my darty eyes would totally give me away.)

  3. This whole wedding makes me smile. The couple looks spectacularly fun. Love everything about their big day:)

  4. LOVE the brawl photo – I love how absolutely engaged your nearest and dearest are in pulling off that scene. Impressive. Thanks for sharing.

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