OH SHIT KIT: The wedding day items that could save your ass

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“Oh shit!” kit bags from Etsy seller becollective.

Shooting weddings has taught me a lot about common mishaps and mistakes that are prevalent and almost communal in the fact that they've happened in almost EVERY SINGLE WEDDING. One of the last weddings I shot, the bride had craftily brought her own “Oh Shit” Kit. That's when the proverbial lightbulb went *ding* in my head, and I thought — like every Californian needs an Earthquake Preparedness Kit, every bride should have an “Oh Shit” Kit.

Here are the things to include in your bridal “Oh Shit” Kit:


Needle and thread: In fact, pack an entire mini sewing kit with scissors, needle, threads, extra buttons, safety pins, etc.

Scissors: There's always something that needs cutting, whether it be a loose thread or the price tag left on a dress or tie.

Super glue, or any other kind of adhesive: I once saw a bridesmaid break her heel right before the ceremony — super glue came in reeeeeally handy.

Sunscreen: VERY necessary if you're having an outdoor wedding, not only for the bride but for the whole bridal party. Even if you're not having an outdoor wedding, consider bringing some sunscreen if you plan on doing portrait sessions outdoors.

Bobby pins and hair stuff: Bring extra bobby pins, hair ties, and a brush or comb.

First aid kit: I love these Johnson & Johnson mini first aid kits so much that I supplied them in my welcome bags for all my out of town wedding guests. They came in really handy in a lot of unfortunate occasions — like when I got stung by a bee at the rehearsal dinner!

Stain remover: A Tide To Go pen or Shout Wipes have saved many a near wedding outfit stain disaster at one too many weddings, let me tell ya. Whether it's a stains on your white dress from sitting on something funky, or an unbalanced bridesmaid with a glass of red wine, these babies come in SUPER handy.

Something for headaches: Advil, Aspirin, Tylenol — whatever works for you when that stress headache rears its ugly head. Also great for near the end of the evening when your feet are KILLING you from your fancy new wedding shoes.

Lighters: Trust me, even if you're not a smoker, bring a lighter. There's always a candle that goes out or even a bon fire pit at the venue that may be calling your name.

Something naughty: Speaking of lighters… sometimes an emergency stash of your guilty pleasure can be the ONLY thing that will bring you back from the brink of wedding day insanity. Keep a secret cigarette stash for a quiet moment to yourself. I've seen bridesmaids do a pre-wedding nip on a flask to calm nerves. (The one pictured above has room for both!) Hell, what about a Vicodin or a mini vibrator? Whatever calms ya down and makes ya' happy in an emergency ‘sitch.

Bin bags: Useful for trash, for tossing gum into, for tossing soiled items, or, if nothing needs tossing, it never hurts to have an extra bag around. Just toss a few plastic bags into your tote and thank me later.

Extra undergarments: If you're wearing 'em, pack an extra pair of underwear and nylons. I love Hanky Panky undies because, not only are they comfortable (I wore them on my wedding day) but they come wrapped up tight in these little bundles, perfect to stick in your “Oh shit” kit.

Flash drive: A flash drive with files of all your important documents — speeches, vows, schedules, etc. (Also, how much do you love that I found you a Transformers flash drive? You're welcome.)

Snacks: Bring an apple, a bag of trail mix, or an energy bar in case you don't have time to eat. It'll calm your stomach and any residual crankiness. Also a bottle of water can be a life saver.

[related-post align=”right”]Tote bag: The great thing is that all these items are small, so you don't need to bring a very large bag with you. A tote that's the size of a lunch bag will do just fine. So find something fun and funky that will stand out and be easy to find like this child's lunch bag.

Okay… I know I'm missing something here, right? What else did you forget, or remembered to bring that absolutely saved your “oh shit!” wedding moment?

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  1. Canned air- shoot it up or down the dress,under the hairdo , face to stom melty makeup! Used it at every wedding I have worked !

  2. Purple mascara, eraseable pens, white and black electrical tape, and pipe cleaners in a rainbow of colors and sparkles.

  3. A ring. At a friend’s wedding, the minister asked for the bride’s ring and the bridal party quickly realized that no one had it. The groom’s mother had hidden it so no one would steal it. I pulled off my ring and handed it over. The bride was clueless, apparently she hadn’t seen hers yet. Problem came when I had to ask for my wedding ring back after she’d been married in it. Bring a ring. Even a cheapie quarter machine ring.

  4. All I would add that I probably missed are some Femine hygiene products. There is always some one who’s time of the month comes early or gets a fowl odor from down under espically as summer heats up. Also extra deodorant and a white crayon in case a stain or spot won’t come out. Although not as discreet as total stain removal it csn go a long way towards covering the stain.

  5. I’m a mobile DJ & MC, but many of my clients have said I was more active than their day of coordinator they hired. I have a small kit in my DJ laptop bag of odds and ends for emergencies, though most of them are more target to me. I have jumped in several times at weddings to lint roll grooms (dogs are awesome, and hairy), tape up so many things (and sharing tape with my fellow wedding professionals who forgot their tape) and provided some pain meds (just Advil).

    That said, I’m a going to create my own MC Oh Shit Bag to bring with me to events with these things in consideration for this upcoming wedding season! A Master of Ceremonies who is ready for anything!

    Ps… I adore Offbeat Bride, my favorite of wedding blogs and I suggest it to every couple I work with!

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