White shoes that are still offbeater-than-thou

Updated Oct 31 2019
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You guys should know by now that I totally don't buy into the "am I offbeat enough?" line of thought. If you're even glancing at a website that features poly weddings, nerd weddings, and genderqueer weddings, then yes: you're offbeat enough. Stop worrying about it. Let's not get into offbeater-than-thou.

In that spirit, let's take a look at some white wedding shoes. Sometimes, among us offbeat types, white wedding shoes can be left behind, deemed as "too traditional" (whatever that means). Well, my friends, these white shoes are about to make you question everything you know about anything being "too traditional."

  1. Totally have the top right ones! They're really comfy, but are more beige than white-white. (Go awesomely with my champagne dress!)

    • When is your wedding? What size do you wear? I am trying to get the ivory glitter TOMS wedges, but they are completely out of size 6.5 and I can't find them anywhere! If you already had your wedding and wear a 6.5, I will buy them off you if you want to sell them.

  2. I love all these shoes you find!

    I have one tiny request…. Do you think you do one feature big sizes only?

    I love looking at the all the shoes but they never fit me. On rare occasion I'll find one that goes to a 11 or 12 but I haven't see one that does and has it in stock! But I need a 13, and if it's a ballet flat a 14!

  3. I have the bonus shoe, and also it's wedge-heel equivalent, because I love love love that print! So comfortable too!

    • I have been stalking the bonus shoe for awhile, and I let out an involuntary gasp when I saw it pop up on here…IT'S JUST SO HAPPY!

  4. Ok I'm trading in my blue suede flats for the bow ties or the lashes. but they are out of stock on the bow tie and the lashes in my size! I hope they get more in soon. I told them I need those shoes!

  5. I'm planning on wearing the zombie iron fist shoes on my wedding day! Best thing is my hubby to be thinks that it's a great idea and oh so me!

  6. Those are all awesome, and as always, the random bonus shoe rocks. I'm totally wearing Joker and Harley Quinn converse shoes, it goes with our theme 😉

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