Offbeat wedding styles for grooms and other masculine folks

Updated Nov 3 2020
Wedding Portraits
Photo from A dapper as hell groom and his super chic posse by Kirsten Lindquist Photography

We luv us some offbeat fashion, and the fellas out there cannot be left out of the equation. I've rounded up 22 truly inspiring, high-tone looks from our groom gear tag. Browse to your heart's content and witness everything from kilts to zoot suits to kimono — these are serious wedding styles for grooms, brides, and anything in between.

Jill + Blair's Wedding 4-11-13
Photo from Jill & Blair's small beach wedding with a pregnant bride by Jenny CG Photography
Orin Peers Out
Photo from Orin's caboose zoot suit from Lynae Zebest
Photo from Maria & Luke's Hispano-Hipster dance party wedding! from mariadllgalindo
Photo from Venetian wedding from Sam
Photo by bcasadontephotography
Photo from Christina & Aaron's bug and dinosaur-infused wedding at a sake factory by bcasadontephotography
Photo from Olga & Sergei's dark, gothic, wine-country escape by Sandra Henderson
Photo from Smoking hot groom in a Manuel jacket by Sharon Elaine
Photo from Let's all admire Kwame's hand-made wedding outfit from rebeccastclair74
Photo from Let's check out this groom's kick-ass embroidered suit by Diana Clock Weddings
Photo from Mara & Bill's ultimate electronic geek wedding by George Street Photography
Photo from Zam's outfit will totally make you rethink everything you know about groom gear by Wild About You Photography
The Groom
Photo from So many buckles: Rob's amazing red gothic fairytale groom gear from Stop the Dreamer
On the throne
Photo from My Nigerian engagement ceremony bridentity crisis by Genevieve Burruss

Is there gonna be a dapper-ly dressed spouse at your wedding? Tell us what's on the style menu!

  1. so much hotness! not all of the pictures worked but WOW for those that did. I especially love the purple velvet suit, but that might be because that fine young man looks so much like another fine young man I know and love. also love the kilt!

  2. Jeez! some mad styles going on here! There's a few I don't think work too well but each to their own! It's good people can break out of the tradition and do what makes them happy 🙂

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