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Fitzwell Laura Bow PumpIt's been a while since I did a shoe post for mah ladies who wear larger-sized shoes (did you know we have an entire archive?), so those of us who are size 11 and up, let's gather around the screen and enjoy some sweet-ass bridal footwear that actually fits your sweet-ass feet. Most of these are from Barefoot Tess, and many of them are available up to a size 15 (although don't blame me if they're sold out of your particular size! I'm doing my best here, folks).



Random bonus shoe

Hep in Your Step Heel in Aqua

Offbeat Bride Vendor

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Comments on Offbeat wedding shoes in larger sizes

  1. Awesome! Love the galaxy shoe!

    Will there be a post for smaller shoes? Those of us who like shoes more masculine of center usually can’t find them in our sizes if we only fit into women’s or kids’.

    PS Thanks for being so inclusive of all sizes. I really love that about this site.

  2. Good golly those black and white stilettos are gorgeous! Too bad the smallest they come is an 11 🙁 AND… they come in black on black, sigh.

  3. Thanks for this! It’s solo hard to find shoes for my huge feet that aren’t frumpy or drag queen shoes.
    Well, drag queen shoes are a lot of fun but I have plenty, I’d like to find some more subtle shoes too!

  4. Thank you so much for doing this! I also had never even heard of Barefoot Tess, so I’m going to go camp out on that website. I wear a size 12, and have mostly been suffering in…well, not silence, but without a real solution, anyway. Your choices look great!

  5. Thank you so much for doing this! I had also never heard of Barefoot Tess I’m checking it out right now.

    I’m anywhere from a 12-14 and my wedding is in a month and I don’t have shoes yet. So this is awesome timing. 🙂

  6. Wow!!! Nothing would just suit that red colored heels than my simply wow!!! The silver colored shoe clip made the red more attractive.


    Looking for shoes is always the worst for me.

    And those Galaxy shoes are about the sexiest thing ever.

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