Alternative garters for sexy, geeky, and bad-ass legs

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Beth wore both a Joker garter AND a Wonder Woman garter to honor her and her groom's geekdom loves. I loved this so much that I had to seek and find some other offbeat garters for the extra special offbeat leg to don. I found goth garters, Doctor Who garters, Harry Potter garters, and even a zombie garter. If you decide to wear one and toss it, that will be one lucky recipient.

I love this sexy garter with a mini flask. It's described as having a 'roaring '20s' vibe. I can see it.

For a goth wedding, you can't go wrong with a little skull action.

Here's another with a skull 'charm.' It almost looks a little Nightmare Before Christmas to me.

A totally understated pirate garter… is that not awesome?

'I love you like zombies love brains.' D'aww. Romance and brain-eating.

This garter is larger on the inside.

I'm pretty sure Hermione wore this to the Yule Ball, only in Gryffindor colors.

You might remember this tutorial for making your own Hello Kitty garter.

You can also DIY your own FLASK GARTER!

Are you planning to wear a garter under your outfit? If so, what's the plan?

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Comments on Alternative garters for sexy, geeky, and bad-ass legs

  1. Hell yes! I had that Doctor Who garter custom-made for me, and now it looks like she’s making it as part of her collection! Glad to see she liked the outcome 🙂

  2. Well, there are like a billion Whovians (I myself being one!) so that is a smart move! Love these… I want an FMA one! (Flamel Cross, maybe?)

  3. Ok, that garter with the flask is AMAZING. I never thought I would wear one, but this post is making me rethink that…

  4. Oh my goodness, I LOVE this! I planned on doing flask garters as bridesmaids gifts but this takes it to the next level! Thanks!

  5. My fiance really wants to do the garter toss, so I’m going with ridiculous: a Michigan State University garter. It is either that or a leather garter with a small dagger (as a friend suggested b/c I always have a pocket knife on me)

  6. I didnt think I wanted a garter but these are kind of making me reconsider. The pirate one, especially. Pure win.

  7. i didnt want a garter, either….but i am in love with this zombie one…it’s my colors and we have zombies in the wedding theme. perfect!

  8. Well, i want a garter because they’re sexy. But I’m not doing the garter toss, and my dress is long enough that it won’t show. So, I’m not sure how much I want to spend money on something no one’s going to see. I LOVE that first one though!

  9. My fiance and I just looove the skulls garters!! I’m going to try and find something similar here in South Africa, otherwise I’ll order ASAP – I see there’s only 7 or so left of the skull charm garter… :S

  10. I intend to make what I’m calling my “utility garter”…flask, smokes, iPhone. All life’s essentials. It may not be pretty and since it’ll be carrying a lot of weight, I’m thinking velcro rather than elastic. Assuming I can execute the idea in my head to some sort of satisfactory degree, I’ll share.

  11. OMG I totally wore the zombie one to our surprise Halloween wedding (complete with the groom in an inflatable cow costume LOL). It now hangs from our mini van mirror. =)

  12. I’m planning on surprising my fiance with a garter with trains on it. He loves Amtrak trains, and I think it would be really cute for him to find them underneath the dress.

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