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So, this might be creepy. Prepare yourself. When you buy shoes through my wedding shoe posts, I can see what you buy.


I can't see who buys what (your purchasing secrets are safe with me!) but I can see what shoes are the most popular with Offbeat Brides. Once you get over the 1984 implications, it's kind of awesome because it means that rather than just inflict my taste on you, I can show off a few of the shoes that y'all love best. So, let's take a look at the shoes Offbeat Brides have been loving this month…

Note: if you can't see the shoes, try disabling your browser's ad blocking plugins. These are hosted images, and ad blockers don't play well with hosted images.


But these are just the shoes you've actually purchased — I can't see the shoes you're oggling. Care to share those, ladies?

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  1. I think this is a totally awesome idea–posting the products that we ferreal buy is both a fabulous indication of the wide array of brides that visit this community as well as a testimonial to the wide array of products these vendors offer! I like to see what we're loving right now!

    • Oh god. Those are amazing. I was POSITIVE that I had my wedding shoes picked out to buy but now I am certainly wavering. Thank you for sharing!

    • I have those, although I haven't had the time yet to make a few changes so I can actually wear then with my slim legs. But it was a hassle until I finally got them. I never got the package so I wrote an e-mail and they told me they'd send them out a second time – but nothing ever arrived. In the end after dozens of e-mails I just wanted my money back – but even that took ages and lots of e-mails with "oh, we haven't done that yet? sorry, I'll do it immediately" and still nothing happening. In the end someone felt sorry though and I got my money back as well as the shoes sent out – I honestly doubt they were sent the first two times they claimed they had, apparently no one knows what the other one's doing at clockwork couture 🙁 a pity, because even if I got my boots in the end (after half a year hassle) I don't trust them enough anymore to order anything else from the pretty things they have in stock :/

      • Yeah, Clockwork Couture has some trouble with customer service sometimes. I won a contest back in September and I just finally got my winnings last week. And only 2 out of the 8 items I won they still carry so they had to substitute. I e-mailed them quite a few times and got the "we'll send it right out" but they never did. I love them but like you said, I don't trust 'em. =(

    • OMG, I absolutely adore Clockwork Couture. I don't have any of their heels, but I have the Steampunk Casual Boot–best boots I've ever owned. And I have to say I've had nothing but great experiences with their customer service. They are a small company though.

  2. those clockwork couture shoes are spec-FLYING-tacular!
    oooooOOOOooo! and the shiny green ones! and the Anne Klein! and…
    I have been oogling all things Fluevog – and I actually ordered some online – YAY clearance prices!
    I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait until they arrive!

  3. i bought a pair of peep toe heels that are full on sparkle! looks like someone slathered on a layer of glue then dumped a TON of silver glitter on them. topped off with a silver gliter bow at the ankle. super hot, and like NOTHING i'd ever wear again. these are for the pre-wedding events and ceremony. afterwards i'll be slipping into my custom made cherry blossom red flats from hydraheart on etsy. yum!

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