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May 16 2006 | arielmstallings

I guess my pre-publication press push has officially begun: I'll be on KUOW today around 1:30 (Seattle-time) talking about offbeat brides navigating their ways through the Wedding Industrial Complex. You can listen online via their website if you want.

  1. Funny. Being a KUOW nerd, I just heard their intro to today's show. I instantly checked your site. Somehow I knew you'd be on this thing. Good luck!

  2. just listened .. can't believe i actually caught it given the time difference & my spacey mind but sistah! you did great!!!
    for some reason i can't put your voice & face together .. i suppose i thought you'd sound different.. but Grrreat job mama

  3. I'm a long time reader and its so funny to hear someones voice that you've seen blog for so long. Not what I expected! After listening to this interview I will be buying your book, even though I had plans before. And although Im not a future bride at this moment, I hope to one day have an offbeat wedding like you did, cost effective and beautiful!!!!!!! One of the most unique weddings I've ever seen. Amazing!

  4. I dont know, more valley girl and ditzy! That sounds bad, but I just see you as this free spirit hippie (please dont take offsense lol) and you seemed so down to earth and calm. Am I making ANY sense? 🙂

  5. HA! Laura, that's funny. When I listened to the interview, I clucked to myself over how I sounded too valley girl. My father used to chide me for saying "like" too often as a teen, and I've internalized it to the point where, when I'm being interviewed, I can usually strip all you knows, I means, ums, and likes. A few slipped through in this interview.

    That said, let this be a lesson to you all: Don't be fooled by the warm and fuzzy blog exterior, hippy name, and weird clothes: I am one cold, hard, articulate, authoritative bitch. 😉

  6. laura & i had totally different idea's on your voice .
    i thought you'd sound more "westcoast snob" then you did.
    not valley girl or ditzy but more "know it all-ish"..
    i suppose it has to do with the westcoaster rave/hippie types i've had experiance with in my past also often you come off like you don't want to let any or at least very few walls down.. i don't mean to sound harsh , it is just a vibe i've gotten before.. you sounded much more friendly & welcoming..
    but bare in mind , i don't know you in everyday life 🙂

  7. None take, Catina. I think I do sound like that sometimes, actually. So I think you're more right than you know. 😉

  8. Finally listening! (Re: voice comments – I think you sound just about how I thought you would. I heard another NPR piece you were on too.)

    The one thing that I'm really noticing about your talk is how rarely you utter "uh" or "um." Lucky! I'm always saying, "You know", "like", or "umm" and I come off like a douche. I'm impressed!

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