Offbeat Bride shirts and sports bras: cover your body with offbeat merch

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Offbeat Bride merchandise via @offbeatbride

We've been cleaning up our selection of Offbeat Bride merchandise, mostly t-shirts and now sports bras(!), and wanted to make sure you knew what was available to you if you want to show off your love of the site on your bod. We especially utilized our beloved character illustrations since we heart them so hard. Let's take a peek at what we've been rockin' AND find out about a limited time free shipping offer!

Offbeat Bride illustration shirts via @offbeatbride

Our character illos

We commissioned these illustrations back in 2012 and have been adding new characters along the way. We heart them so much that there was no way they weren't eventually ending up on t-shirts. The best part of these little minions is that you can choose the one that best represents you: semi-traditional with an edge, geeky cosplayer, pants-wearing androgyne, gothika rocking a cane, or a retro Betty rockin' victory rolls. Or hell, get the one featuring them all! They come in tons of colors, too, not just black.

Offbeat Empire-t-shirts via @offbeatbride

Empire, “Fat Bride,” and one that may especially get the grooms excited

Maybe you love the entire Empire and want to show it off, maybe you're body posi and proud, AND maybe you want the best t-shirt for a groom who keeps getting ignored during vendor meetings. You know it happens.

Support bra via @offbeatbride

We support yer BEWBS

Literally. You can snag the Offbeat Bride sports bra and all of this merch over at our SpreadShirt store.

Do you already own one of our retired shirt designs or maybe one of these? Any plans to wear one to your planning sessions? Let us know if there's any merchandise you'd love to see!

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  1. I’m not ashamed to say that I just bought a sports bra. Though I’m not getting married, so someone might be concerned…

  2. MERCH?! I didn’t know there was Merch!!! how exciting!

    Before I get too excited I should check the shipping…

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