Andrea & Stacy

Those of you who have read my book will remember my aunties, Andrea & Stacy. I handed my bouquet off to them at our wedding. They'd gotten married a few months before us in 2004 … but then the law changed and they weren't married any more.

Since California law has changed again, they decided to get remarried this last weekend in small backyard ceremony. It was a simple and beautiful ceremony with a friend officiating and their dog helping out. I loved that they chose hydrangea bouquets — just like mine. And of course I took photos.

…Now, let's just hope they can STAY married.

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  1. HOW BEAUTIFUL! I love that they kept their glasses on.

    I pray that they will be able to stay married too, and that more parts of our country become as open-minded as California.

    I voted against the ban in VA two years ago, but it passed. Apparently, Virginia is NOT for lovers!

  2. Congratulations Andrea and Stacy! Your wedding was beautiful – I love the picture of you dancing after the reception. And hey, just think of it this way – your marriage was so nice, you got to do it twice! I can’t wait until this country wakes up and embraces love.

  3. Congratulations to your aunties! Fortunately for them and all the people the gay people that are already married in California their marriages are safe even if prop 8 passes, but that doesn’t mean certain groups won’t fight to try to have them annulled. The best way to show your support is to kick some money over to the no on prop 8 campaign that was posted in this post. Even if you don’t live in California your contribution brings us one step closer to bringing marriage equality to all the states!

  4. How AMAZING for your aunties. Congratulations to both of them – and they look incredible and SO happy. Love the passing on of the bouquet in lieu of throwing, and the new tradition you’ve created in your family – what a sweet, sweet gesture.

  5. This was my favorite part of your whole book, so naturally this made me tear up 🙂 Luis is right, by the way, their marriage will stay legally binding no matter what happens in November, and that is effing progress! I actually have a lot of faith in California voters this year, I think we’ll make it stick!

    Thank you for posting this. Each gay wedding I’ve gotten to witness this year has filled my heart in ways that I will remember for the rest of my life.

    Let’s hear it for marriage!!

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