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Velvet vulvaJust in case you ever thought to yourself, “Self, what I really need for my wedding ceremony is a vulva-shaped ring pillow,” this site is for you. (Scroll down to see the wedding vulva.)

As they say, “A popular occasion for the Velvet V Valentine is the Wedding Ceremony. The Velvet V is a perfect place for rings, tokens representing hopes for the union, or other ritual items.” All for the low, low price of $175!

(I kid, but these silly vulva purses are handmade by an artist, so if you're going to spend $175 on a ring pillow, it might as well be one crafted by an independent artisan. Then again, does anyone need to spend $175 on a ring pillow, let alone one shaped like genitals? Up to you!)

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Comments on Nuptials vulva

  1. What a nightmare! Ack! (I mean, if that’s your choice, go for it, I just … wow.)

  2. As much as I love being a woman, I’m not about to fish my keys out of a vulva purse.

  3. But what a great conversation-starter it would be!

    “Do you have a lighter?”

    “Oh yes, let me just get it from my purse…”


  4. That is freakin’ hilarious! Reach into my vulva and pull out our wedding rings 😉

  5. Very cute purse. I actually was given one as a gift from a vendor in Vegas several years ago. Mine was pink satin with a little pearl tongue. Too cute! Lots of people wanted one, but I could not remember which vendor gave it to me. I also saw a fluffy red one with fur on another website a few days ago. But, $175.00 for one, NEVER! 🙂 Hey, whatever works…..

  6. Can’t figure out if this is right up there with veils and waving the sheets, or a defiant proud counter to all that. Oh my.

  7. I reacted in haste. Having visited the site, I realize my error. The purses are charming. I still get queasy about the whole idea that the only time a woman gets to enjoy and own her sexuality is at her wedding. (Our culture celebrates men every day.) This explicitly celebrates women, but I’d much rather see women carrying these every day, much the way men wear figa necklaces, sport gigantic belt buckles, etc.

  8. Holy crap there’s a hat. All the way the bottom (yes – I couldn’t look away.).

  9. ….Maybe it’s just me but I really want this purse. Could go right alongside my penis water bottle and corset purse!

  10. “…and the Velvet Vulva Sleeping Bag…

    (a major undertaking.)”

    Yes, yes I imagine it is… 🙂

  11. Oh my goodness I’m looking at the website now and I still can’t stop laughing….an appropriately placed pearl? There’s even a hat and a G-string available….

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