Can North Carolina’s Carolyn Scott Photography get any more awesomer?

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Remember our North Carolina-based sponsors Carolyn Scott Photography? We gave you three reasons to book them for your wedding, and you listened! Thanks for that, y'all… it's because of you that we get to gawk at some amaze-balls wedding photos, like that up one up there. How adorable is that wedding portrait!?

From cats and dogs and wedding dresses, to a bridal party photo that looks like it should be in a vintage magazine ad. Let's gawk at some more of our favorite Carolyn Scott Photography wedding photos…

carolynscottphotography0003First, let's revisit those top three reasons to jump on the Carolyn Scott Photography train:

  1. They're awesome — From the layout of their blog to the words they use, it's clear that they are super fun and cater to couples of all genders and orientations.
  2. They travel — As they put it, “Durham, North Carolina-based husband and wife wedding photographers, flying by night to a city near you.”
  3. They're upfront with their pricing — Carolyn Scott Photography packages range from $2700-$4700.

carolynscottphotography0001Anyone can do the ol' “hanging wedding dress” shot, but Carolyn Scott Photography will see that hanging dress photo and raise you a hanging dress photo with your adorable pets.

carolynscottphotography0002Okay, I am so fascinated with this bridal party pic. From the lighting to the action to those enormous balls on the table — seriously, those are some big balls — everything about this photo makes me stop and go… “Wait, bridal party photos can be this awesome!?” “Um, yeah!” responds all Carolyn Scott Photography clients.

carolynscottphotography0005Okay, North Carolinians, what are you waiting for… Carolyn and her husband Geoff to get even cooler? Their prices to be even more easily-findable? Or their photos to get awesomer? The only to way to make that last one happen is to book them for your awesome wedding.

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  1. That picture of the first couple is gorgeous! So much love and happiness comes right through. And the picture of the dress plus pets is one I wish I had. (My dog chewed my wedding shoes right after the ceremony instead.)

  2. I note the cat made itself comfortable on the train, and I am not surprised, because cat.

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