The Offbeat Bride: Sarah, Hairstylist

Her Offbeat Partner: Jess, Baker

Location & date of wedding: Friend's beach house in Southern Shores, NC — October 11, 2008

What made our wedding offbeat: We were on an extremely tight budget, so we cut out a lot of traditions that didn't matter to us. The groom's family is from Scotland, so we had a handfasting ceremony and Quaich ceremony.

Our food was from Sam's Club. The flowers from the grocery store were arranged by the Groom's mother. Our rings were hand-made by a close friend, and her husband was our officiant. The photos and video were also done by friends. The day was by us (and our lovely friends and family), about us, and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Our biggest challenge: Money was an issue, but we are simple people and can make due with very little. It also helps that we have very talented friends and family.

I also lost a lot of weight (due to stress) and my dress did not fit on the day. It was held on my double stick tape and velcro. I just had to roll with it, since there was nothing I could do about it at that point.

My favorite moment: During the ceremony, the entire wedding party was cracking jokes and had us rolling the entire time. It was so much fun, we couldn't be nervous. It was beautiful.

My advice for other offbeat brides: Make sure that you take the time to care for your partner. They are just as stressed as you are!

And laugh. It's supposed to be fun!

Enough talk — show me the wedding porn:

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