Love the vibes of this modern diamond engagement ring

While my sweetie and I DO want to exchange rings, we DON'T want to spend a lot of money on them, and we have no interest in traditional, mainstream wedding rings.

We want something simple, and different.

We live in a town that doesn't have anything like that, so online is our best bet.

But once we start looking around for wedding bands, all we find are expensive, boring, overly-decadent gold and diamond style rings…

There's just too much online to know where to start! -Sara

I applaud your decision to go the non-diamond, inexpensive route for your wedding rings!

Diamonds are grossly overpriced, and of course there's that whole blood diamond thing, so you're so much better off going for either a different stone or no stone at all.

First things first: are you SURE there aren't any custom jewelry makers in your neck of the woods?

There's nothing more awesome than designing your own bands, and if you find a good jewelry maker they can usually work within your budget.

Plus, it's cool to support a local artisan.

That said, if there really aren't any around, you're right: there are TONS of online options. We feature tons of our favorites in the Offbeat Bride Vendor Guide!

Here's a first tip: Don't look for “wedding rings” — they always cost more! There's this strange phenomenon of somehow if it has to do with a wedding it costs twice as much. Seriously. This isn't just for rings, it's for dresses, flowers, suits, chair rentals, everything. It's a total racket.

So when shopping online for rings, don't search for “wedding bands.” Just look for rings that you like.

Let's start with non-traditional wedding rings that are a bit gothic minded…

‘Til death do we part can be a more literal vision for your wedding ring. We've got coffin-shaped stones, skull-minded rings, and more things!

Halloween engagement rings
10k White Gold Natural Coffin Cut Ring – Choose your stone from Sapphire Design Studio


Halloween engagement rings
Skull Engagement Ring from Pmdatelier
Halloween engagement rings
Bone Ring from Pmdatelier


Gothic ring
The “Lora” ring from Iz&Co




Halloween engagement rings
Skull Engagement Ring from KIPKALINKA


Next, how about some geometric wedding rings?

We've seen some amazing hexagonal diamonds and kite-shaped gemstones, all with intricate and bold angular settings and dramatic shapes. From Bauhaus-inspired to Art Deco to the Mines of Moria, these geometric-inspired rings are ready to change the way you look at nontraditional wedding rings…

Angling for the most stunning geometric engagement rings we could find
Natural Rose Cut Diamond Set from MinimalVS





Angling for the most stunning geometric wedding rings we could find
Geometric Diamond Ring Set from doozie jewelry


Angling for the most stunning geometric wedding rings we could find
Grey Geometric Rose Cut Diamond + Pavé Cluster Engagement Ring from Mineralogy Design




Angling for the most stunning geometric wedding rings we could find
Kite Diamond Ring from MinimalVS


Angling for the most stunning geometric wedding rings we could find
Baguette Engagement Ring from artemer
Here's a review of this unique engagement ring from HelloRing: “Eeee!! I seriously can't say enough good things about my ring!! I literally love it so much. It is what I've always dreamed of being on my wedding ring finger from the love of my life. And seriously, it does look way more amazing in person! The way the light shines and brings out the colors in the opal and the way the moissanite shines is just so gorgeous. I fool people all the time now and get told “That must have cost a pretty penny” because of how exquisite it looks, but little do they know this was more affordable than the basic, boring diamond rings I was looking at in the middle of the mall! I'm just so so pleased.”
These his & his wedding bands can be customized with a personalized inscription.
Freaking out over this rose gold moon phases men's wedding band from SwankMetalsmithing
Legend of Zelda men's wedding band
Dragonscale ring

Want even more?

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Comments on Non-sucky wedding bands

  1. My fiance and I are going to the wedding ring workshop, where we’re going to make our own rings. A jewler coaches you through melting the metals, shaping, and polishing. It’s about as expensive as a wedding ring set (engagement ring, and both bands). We’re super excited!

  2. My fiance and I designed my engagement ring with Brilliant Earth, a San francisco company that makes rings with conflict-free Canadian diamonds, recycled metals, and who donates 5% of their profits to a charity in Africa. It was not cheap, no doubt, but I love it 🙂

  3. How about stainless steel? A plain or black anodized stainless steel band with a CZ tension setting runs $5.50, $2.00 for a plain band. I’ve seen many around $4.00 with tribal etching, and there are rainbow anodized or eternity bands with rainbow hued stones for $12.00 tops.

  4. I like some of these ideas – thanks. I do wonder why you would get a ring in order to say “fuck you” to some one who’s just trying to make friendly conversation. Why not get a ring because you like it, and accept that some people ask about your ring because they’re trying to be nice. Thanks.

  5. Check out That’s where we’re getting ours. Everything they use is either recycled (the gold, platinum, and white diamonds), or lab-created (all the other gemstones). We’re getting custom rings, but some of the non-custom rings are way affordable, and there’s the added bonus that they don’t mess with the environment at all (apparently this place even uses wind power for its offices!) and you don’t get “conflict diamonds” or other jewels mined by people in the Third World who live like slaves.

  6. I just noticed that Green Karat was already mentioned above. But it says they’re expensive!!! What?! We ended up going with custom rings, but they have gold wedding bands as low as $125:
    Also a bunch in the $400-$500 range, from totally normal looking: to totally offbeat:

    I dunno, that seems reasonable to me. Particularly in this world of $5000 or $10,000 diamond solitaires (ack!!! what a waste of money!)

  7. Good point! When I was going through the gallery, all I was seeing was rings in the $500-$2k range — thanks for pointing out their more affordable bands, as well. Not sure how I missed those!

  8. My fiance decided he wanted something in a “geek metal” so he’s going with something from They’ve got a LOT of styles from plain to funky. Prices are midrange, I’d say…not cheap but not insanely spendy.

    • We got ours from them- they had the pattern that my fiancee and I have had since our first fight and bonding, which is what we wanted on the ring. Their prices have come down since we first looked- and even found mine on the supper sale ($100 off the lowered price). Beautiful work, great people, fast, throughly happy!

  9. check out rings by sally brock of fancy in seattle:

    i like her binary ring even better that green karat, and her robot bands make me so so happy. (also, i am a different sally than the sally who owns the store, lest you think the poor girl is running around the internet shamelessly self-promoting)

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