Ring shopping 101: what are some fancy, non-round diamonds for your engagement ring?

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Ring shopping 101: what are the best non-round diamonds in all shapes and sizes?
Valenica Diamond Ring
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If you're into a ring with a lovely center stone, then you may be inundated with round ones. Am I right? It's time you were introduced to some alternate, fancy-shaped diamonds. We've gotten the scoop from the amazing ring artisans over at Brilliant Earth to highlight some of their favorite shapes for diamonds like pear, emerald cut, marquise, and oval. There's more than just circular logic out there in the land of amazing rings.

Let's check out some of the most gorgeous diamond shapes and start dreaming and scheming of what ring styles are YOUR style. Chime in with your own favorite shape in the comments…

Each diamond shape has its own unique characteristics and is cut to different specifications, which impacts the overall look of the stone. Here's an overview of some popular types…

Getting fancy & whimsical with these non-round diamonds in all shapes and sizes
14K Rose Gold Valenica Diamond Ring

Oval diamond rings

Oval shaped diamonds are an ideal choice for those who love the razzle-dazzle of a round cut, but want something just a bit different. Their shape is not only elegant and classic, but they're also a great option if you're budget-conscious as they often appear bigger than other diamond shapes of equal carat weight. This is because the oval diamond’s elongated shape maximizes its surface area, resulting in a larger appearance. You can even maximize the size by opting for a halo setting. Score!

Check out some oval diamond rings here.

Getting fancy & whimsical with these non-round diamonds in all shapes and sizes
Custom Mixed Metal Waverly Diamond Ring

Pear diamond rings

Pear shaped diamonds, sometimes referred to as “teardrop diamonds," are named for their asymmetrical shape with both a rounded and pointed end. I love how the pear diamond’s combination of a round cut with a marquise diamond shape gives it an elongated appearance that makes it really stand out and sets it apart from more traditional diamond shapes. We've even talked recently about how popular this shape is becoming.

Check out some pear diamond rings here.

Getting fancy & whimsical with these non-round diamonds in all shapes and sizes
18K white gold Esprit Diamond Ring

Marquise diamond rings

Oooh one of my faves! The marquise cut diamond is making a serious comeback. The curving, oblong shape of a marquise cut diamond is flattering and super distinctive on the finger, as you can see above. It features pointed ends with a curved middle which makes for a larger surface area than any other diamond shape. Plus, I personally love how it looks with side stones.

Check out some marquise diamond rings here.

Getting fancy & whimsical with these non-round diamonds in all shapes and sizes
14k rose gold Lissome Diamond Ring

Princess diamond rings

Invented by Arpad Nagy in the early 1960s, the “princess cut” was originally called the “profile cut." For many years princess cuts were considered the second most popular diamond shape, and have been compared to round brilliant diamonds so often that they are sometimes referred to as “square modified brilliants." Whew, a little technical there, I know, but the history of it makes it all the more fascinating.

Princess cut engagement rings are definitely more modern meets glam. It has the sparkle of round brilliant diamonds in a chic shape. Ugh, love.

Check out some princess diamond rings here.

Getting fancy & whimsical with these non-round diamonds in all shapes and sizes
14K Rose Gold Lotus Flower Diamond Ring with Side Stones

Emerald diamond rings

Cut to showcase a diamond's clarity, the emerald cut has longer facets that make it look ultra fancy. It's no wonder this cut is really sought after. Step cut diamonds are either found in square or rectangular shapes, and their facets are rectilinear (made up of straight lines — the more you know!). This cut’s long, narrow facets produce a prismatic reflection as opposed to brilliance, evoking a house of mirrors or a staircase look — hence their name! They just look spectacular in general and I want one.

Check out some emerald diamond rings here.

Did you learn something in this edition of ring shopping 101? Thanks to the masters of amazing rings, Brilliant Earth, for helping us work out all the various styles. Head over to customize your own ring in any shape, in any setting, with all the mixed golds and platinums and metals oh my that you want! Seriously, it's too fun and I'm going to head over to start ring-building right now…

  1. I used to hate marquise cut diamonds! I'm not sure why, but something about them seemed gaudy. However, when set in an east-west configuration (points going across the finger instead of pointing to the fingernail and back of the hand), it is actually one of my absolute favorites! Another beautiful non-round shape is the asscher cut.

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