I am an Auckland, New Zealand Offbeat Bride and am thinking of asking my three brideswomen to just pick a dress they like (maybe within a colour scheme…?) I don't think they have to be matching because they are all uniquely beautiful and hopefully will feel more comfortable in something that they have picked out themselves. Have you got any pics of non-matching brideswomens' dresses?


This is actually a very popular choice among Offbeat Brides — encouraging bridesmaids to wear something that generally coordinates, but isn't matchy-matchy. I've heard stories of some bridesmaids being uncomfortable with the idea (I guess freedom can be overwhelming?), but giving your brides dress liberation can be a great way to make sure that your ladies enjoy maximum awesomeness on your wedding day.

As for pictures — damn right I've got some!

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Photo by Gwyneth Colleen Photography holder wedding.


Want more pictures? We've got a whole tag archive of non-matching bridesmaids!

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  1. I am so excited to see these dresses all work out, especially since my wedding is in 22 days and I am planning for the same thing. The wedding is a beach wedding and the theme is tropical, so I asked all my bridesmaids to pick out a knee length cocktail dress in any bright color of their choosing. It was actually harder for them then if I had just told them to get a color and a dress, but, at least I know they have a dress they wanted.

  2. I am going to be a bridesmaid this November, and I desperately wish the bride let us pick our own dresses. It just seems cruel to expect a gal with DDDs to go strapless.

  3. I’m getting married in November, and my two sisters are my bridal attendants. I didn’t want them to have to buy a dress that would make them uncomfortable and that they would never wear again. One sister is wearing a gray silk suit she already had, the other found a pink dress on clearance for $15! Also, rather than make the groom and his attendants rent tuxes, they are all wearing gray suits and we found matching ties for them to wear to coordinate the wedding colors, as well as the same color ribbon to put on the bouquets and corsages (which we’re doing DIY). I’ll send photos after the wedding!

  4. Amen to this– I think my favorite 4 words when being a bridesmaid are: “Choose your own dress”. My sister had us all wear black dresses (even though a July country wedding). They looked great! And don’t you want your best gals who stand up with you to feel beautiful, sexy and comfortable in what they are wearing? They should be enjoying themselves as well.

    Plus from an aesthetic point of view, different dresses are just more interesting to look at.

  5. I told my ladies to wear whatever they want to wear… as long as they are comfortable and happy!

  6. I think there are so many great ideas here! My fiance and I are gettin’ hitched in either February or early March so we’re under the gun. The paint chip idea with varying colors of the same family is brilliant – I’m totally using that. We’re doing blues for our wedding color – any suggestions on flowers?

    • Hydrangeas! They’re my favorite — they can be either really fancy or casual. Maybe throw some white in there?

  7. I told my two maids of honor to just pick out a vintage-styled red dress of any kind for themselves that they thought was hot tamale (and that they’d actually wear again), and we’ll go from there. They are perfectly happy with the idea, as am I! It works out VERY well because they have different body types and different taste – so they can have what they feel and look the best in!

  8. My sister had us do that for her wedding and it looked lovely. She just told us which colors to wear (each of us had a different color). Her color scheme was TX Wildflowers, so I think it worked out.

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