I am an Auckland, New Zealand Offbeat Bride and am thinking of asking my three brideswomen to just pick a dress they like (maybe within a colour scheme…?) I don't think they have to be matching because they are all uniquely beautiful and hopefully will feel more comfortable in something that they have picked out themselves. Have you got any pics of non-matching brideswomens' dresses?


This is actually a very popular choice among Offbeat Brides — encouraging bridesmaids to wear something that generally coordinates, but isn't matchy-matchy. I've heard stories of some bridesmaids being uncomfortable with the idea (I guess freedom can be overwhelming?), but giving your brides dress liberation can be a great way to make sure that your ladies enjoy maximum awesomeness on your wedding day.

As for pictures — damn right I've got some!

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Photo by Gwyneth Colleen Photography holder wedding.


Want more pictures? We've got a whole tag archive of non-matching bridesmaids!

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  1. Those pictures are excellent! I’m doing this with my two bridesmaids because I wanted them to feel very comfortable and maybe even to be able to wear the dresses again. My only requirement was that they be a generally dark brown color.

    For one of the bridesmaids, it worked perfectly. She’s happy and she’s planning on wearing her dress to her company Christmas party. Bridesmaid number two however has been a NIGHTMARE. She doesn’t like brown, she keeps trying to force the other bridesmaid to match w/ her because she thinks it’s “stupid ” if they “look patchwork”, she complains about wearing a dress and when I tell her she can wear a suit w/ skirt or pants she says she has to wear a dress. GAH!

    I guess I’m just warning that this is a wonderful idea but not a panacea. If one of them wants to be difficult, they will still be difficult, no matter how nice you are.

    • LOL! Yeah, I think some folks prefer a little more direction because then they can complain about what you “made” them do, instead of having to take the blame if they don’t feel great in what they get. 😉

      We gave my girls a target color to aim for, but there will be a wide range from royal to teal to almost navy. The guys will have different blue patterned neckties and could wear either black suits or black tuxes with white shirts.

  2. i asked my best lady to wear a black dress of her choosing. she still wanted a bit of guidance though, so we went shopping together. she finally had it narrowed down to two great dresses, and asked me to choose which i liked. trying to remain un-bridezilla, i again asked her to choose. finally, she looked at me squarely and said, “pick a frickin’ dress,” and i did. so it was a collaborative effort!

  3. Ya know, I tried to do this. And the girls rebelled and told me they didn’t want to have to think about what dress they were wearing. They just wanted me to pick. One of them actually cried. Not exactly what I was going for!

  4. Wow, thanks everyone for your comments and your pics (they are stunning!). Much appreciated 🙂

  5. yay! these are great. i was even anti color scheme/coordination to start with, but i’ve been coming around to suggesting a color and letting my girls go for it. 😀

  6. I also asked my sisters to choose whatever dress they liked and they were really resistant. I think they are going to end up in the same dress. But no matter what, they are going to look beautiful!

  7. Elena, I’m having the same problem with my sisters… two of them are trying to insist to the other two that they should all go to David’s Bridal together so that they can get them all in exactly the same color, and possibly even style.

  8. A friend of mine did this — she mailed color cards (like the kinds you get for paint colors) to everyone in the wedding party and told them to find a dress in the general color scheme… I thought that was super smart. And it worked out beautifully!

    • Ah! Thank you- colour cards – what a brilliant idea!! I have been worrying that my 4 non-matchy bridesmaids might end up looking just un-coordinated but colour cards will solve that. Cheers!

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