Non-heinous men’s sandals

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LEEZON Slide Sandal

Someone asked me the other day, “Is there such a thing as men's sandals that aren't heinous?” and I was all OH HO HO, you have come to the right place with that question. Then I fired up my laptop, cracked my knuckles, and dove in. These men's sandals could be great options for your casual backyard BBQ wedding, your beach destination wedding, or, hell: just a dinner out. I've got everything from more casual flip-flops and thongs, to more formal criss-cross slides, a few fisherman's sandals, all the way to a pair of Vivienne Westwoods that bring the full gladiator realness.

Spring step men by Spring Step - Roland - Mens



ohana sandal

mens sandals on offbeat bride


John Varvatos Mens Tobago Slide


GBX Slik Fisherman Sandal

cute mens sandals on offbeat bride

prada mens sandals on offbeat bride

7John Varvatos Tobago Thong

Reef Leather Smoothy Sandal

Dustin Flip Flop

vivienne westwood gladiators


And we all know where I stand on the “GAME OVER” wedding stuff, but I feel like someone somewhere will find these shoes hilarious:

game over sliders


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