Better bare-faced: Why I’m not wearing makeup at the wedding

Guest post by Laura M
Is this as far as your wedding day makeup plans go?
Is this as far as your wedding day makeup plans go?

I've always been freckly, from the time when I was a little kid. Lots of people have struggled with freckles, but I LOVE mine. They are so much a part of my face that I hate to cover them up. They come out more during the summer when I get more sun (duh) but they're always present. I also have sensitive, fair skin. A lot of products (scented, too many chemicals, whatever) just make me uncomfortable and itchy.

As I grew up, I experimented with makeup. I'll be the first to admit that I'm a sucker for those cute little tubes and bottles. I probably own more makeup than I will ever need. I loooooove makeup. I just don't necessarily love it on my face.

There were two major factors that led me to the decision that tinted lip balm and maybe a coat of mascara would be the only makeup-related prep points on my to-do list…

With makeup versus without makeup.
Me with makeup, and without.
Number one: When I wear makeup, I just don't feel comfortable. A lot of foundations make my skin itch or feel oily, and I always worry about touching my face and mussing it. Add to that the fact that the wedding is going to be outdoors in June and I'm a crier, and you have a recipe for a stiff and preoccupied wedding face.

Number two: I really like my face as it is. In fact, I think I'm prettier bare-faced than with makeup. Is it possible that this is due to my inexperience with cosmetic application? Sure. Am I super motivated to learn to contour? Nope.

My natural state is makeup-free. It's worked for me for 26 years. While I like to experiment sometimes, I realized that if I “did my face” for my wedding I'd be doing it because I felt like I should, not because it would be fun or make me feel more beautiful.

Anyone else going bare-faced for their wedding day?

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  1. I’d love to see photos of real weddings on the site where the brides did not wear makeup–or, at least, no foundation/concealer, etc. Anyone know of any links? I love wearing a little bit of makeup (eyeliner, mascara, lipstick), and am hoping to rock some false eyelashes successfully for the first time ever at my wedding, but I absolutely hate the feeling of foundation and powder and all that. But I’m 45 and have dark circles under my eyes–genetically, all the time–and I don’t want to hate how I look in the beautiful photos I’m planning to pay a lot to have. Am I being naive or dumb to forego foundation?

  2. I don’t wear makeup regularly. However I do love to wear light makeup (no contouring, cat eye, etc) for special occasions, and my wedding definitely was a special occasion. I had my makeup done professionally & I’m so glad I did! The makeup artist understood when I told her I still wanted to look like myself. It was perfect!

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