Better bare-faced: Why I’m not wearing makeup at the wedding

Guest post by Laura M
Is this as far as your wedding day makeup plans go?
Is this as far as your wedding day makeup plans go?

I've always been freckly, from the time when I was a little kid. Lots of people have struggled with freckles, but I LOVE mine. They are so much a part of my face that I hate to cover them up. They come out more during the summer when I get more sun (duh) but they're always present. I also have sensitive, fair skin. A lot of products (scented, too many chemicals, whatever) just make me uncomfortable and itchy.

As I grew up, I experimented with makeup. I'll be the first to admit that I'm a sucker for those cute little tubes and bottles. I probably own more makeup than I will ever need. I loooooove makeup. I just don't necessarily love it on my face.

There were two major factors that led me to the decision that tinted lip balm and maybe a coat of mascara would be the only makeup-related prep points on my to-do list…

With makeup versus without makeup.
Me with makeup, and without.
Number one: When I wear makeup, I just don't feel comfortable. A lot of foundations make my skin itch or feel oily, and I always worry about touching my face and mussing it. Add to that the fact that the wedding is going to be outdoors in June and I'm a crier, and you have a recipe for a stiff and preoccupied wedding face.

Number two: I really like my face as it is. In fact, I think I'm prettier bare-faced than with makeup. Is it possible that this is due to my inexperience with cosmetic application? Sure. Am I super motivated to learn to contour? Nope.

My natural state is makeup-free. It's worked for me for 26 years. While I like to experiment sometimes, I realized that if I “did my face” for my wedding I'd be doing it because I felt like I should, not because it would be fun or make me feel more beautiful.

Anyone else going bare-faced for their wedding day?

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Comments on Better bare-faced: Why I’m not wearing makeup at the wedding

  1. Yay for your confidence!
    One thing though, there are plenty of foundations/tinted moisturizers out there that can hide imperfections and even out your skin tone without covering your freckles.

  2. I never wear makeup. Since moving out of my parents’ house (and away from my mother’s opinion), I haven’t worn a drop of makeup. But I *knew* she was going to ask me to for my wedding, and I pre-freaked out about it before she said anything! Would it be “selling out” to wear makeup on my wedding day? Did I really want to? Then suddenly I had an unprovoked “aha” moment where I realised that as long as it was subtle, I did actually want to wear it. So I did! I looked gorgeous, as usual, and all was well. Not that I needed to “fake” myself for the wedding, but for me, makeup is up there with “big fancy dress” and “curled hair” in my list of things that I would never do normally, but are fun to dress up in. 🙂

  3. I love my freckles too, and wouldn’t dream of covering them up for my wedding!

    I wear little to no make-up on an everyday basis – just a bit of concealer, some light eyeliner, and a mostly nude eyeshadow. I find wearing anything much heavier just makes me feel goopy and a bit itchy, and it’s not worth it for me when I’m just sitting at work. For the wedding I’ll likely step it up a bit, but considering I’ll be outside in August all day, I don’t want too much on my face. I’m planning to invest in a light foundation just to help even up some of the redness in my complexion, and I’ll probably wear eye make-up that’s a bit more noticeable. Since I don’t wear much day-to-day, I want to make sure I still look like myself and feel as comfortable as I possibly can.

  4. Its so refreshing to hear a woman like herself just as she is without any hesitation. Its also nice to hear it said in a non-judgmental way without a hint of superiority. Its a personal choice about what works for you and feels right and I applaud you. I hate the conversation around not wearing makeup right now. It seems very fabricated as if to say “you are so brave to not wear makeup in PUBLIC” el scandalo! I’m so happy that you are going to feel beautiful at your wedding and that you made a choice for your body that is right for you.

  5. I didn’t wear makeup to my wedding and I’ve never regretted it. I also wore my glasses despite several people trying to get me to wear contact lenses–which I’ve never worn. My philosophy was that when I exchanged vows with my groom, I wanted him to see the face he fell in love with and he’d always seen me barefaced with glasses.

  6. Love this! While I did wear some minimal makeup at my wedding, I rarely do on a day to day basis. I have nice skin, pale with some good color and a splash of freckles across my nose. I have some (mostly older) coworkers who have commented on the lack, but mostly in the vein of “I’m so jealous of your young skin”.

    The most important thing at your wedding is that you feel that you look like your best self.

  7. I should also add that we’re not doing professional photography and my fashion philosophy is “comfort over everything” (seriously, that would probably be my graffiti tag if I had to pick one) so this decision was kind of a no-brainer for me 🙂

    I am so glad that nobody felt like there was a judgmental tone in the post, though. There’s been so much negativity floating around on the internet at large over the to wear makeup vs. not to wear makeup thing, but I shouldn’t have worried because OBB is awesome! That said, I admire the heck out of all you ladies (and gents) who do AMAZING things with makeup and rhinestones and eyelashes. You look bang-up gorgeous.

    • Hi Laura! I’d like to make a teeny suggestion. I, too am a not-so-makeup-y person (BUT THE COLORS! SO MANY COLORS!!) and I know that I’m usually a shiny mess after, like, and hour. My suggestion to you would be some blotting paper. It’ll help keep shine at bay without actually adding anything onto your face. It sops up oil like powder would, but without the itchy/cakey mess that can sometimes happen when sweat hits powder. You can get blotting papers almost anywhere you can find cheapie makeup (local drug store, target, etc.) Either way, I hope you have the besets wedding day ever!

    • That’s what I liked about it. I love make up, but I don’t like when people talk about not wearing make up in a way that’s really negative to people who do wear it.

  8. Tipp for (almost)-no-bother eye-enhancing, dye eyelashes:
    I also don’t wear any makeup and I feel like mascara irritates my eyes and what’s the bigger problem: I never wear it, so I never remembered not to wipe at my eyes when I did. But I also have really light lashes. So my solution is to get my eyelashes dyed. I do it when I remember it, and I’m not super good at keeping up with it, but when it’s done I don’t have to worry about it for a while.
    It doesn’t have the thickening effect of mascara, but for me and my relatively long but light eyelashes the before-after effect is definitely very noticable.
    It takes about 15 minutes (10 minutes for the color to set) and it can burn a little bit, but it doesn’t always.
    I’ve never had by brows done, but they also offter to pluck and/or dye those too.

  9. I’ll be wearing makeup for my wedding, but I recently realized I don’t want someone else putting it on me or choosing my colors. It feels … kind of creepy. And, like you, not “me.” So I’ll be using my own daily makeup with a few more dramatic additions, and having fun putting it on my own dang self.

    Of course, I’m a pale skinned redhead. I adore my freckles and never cover them up, but I don’t *have* eyebrows and eyelashes unless I draw them there.

  10. I always wear a good moisturiser/sunscreen. When going out I might put on lippie or a bit of eyeshadow I even own clear mascara so it can’t run, as that’s the only places I don’t sweat! If I get married I won’t be wearing make up. It’s just not worth it.

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