What can you do to relax and enjoy the night before your wedding?

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Maybe you want to have a camp-out slumber party, like the good ol' days? By: glenngould
Can we talk about the night before your wedding?

I rented a hotel room for me, my mom, and my maid of honor.

I think it would be nice to go out for dinner, and maybe catch a drink in town? I don't want to do anything too crazy the night before but I want to honor the night somehow.

What would YOU do?

…Or, what DID you do?

We've heard of all sorts of things: old-fashion slumber parties with attendants, watching dumb movies, campfires with s'mores … down to just hanging out quietly with your future-spouse at home. One thing we know: don't drink too much. You want to be well-rested!

But we'd love to know what y'all did… how did you make the night before your wedding feel special, without being overwhelming or exhausting?

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  1. We basically did what you described! I had a hotel room for my maid of honor and my two sisters, so we went out and got pizza and some beers and just had a relaxed night. It was great!

  2. I watched the Tony Awards with my “Lady-in-Waiting” while she worked on some very last-minute artwork for our table numbers (pics soon, promise!). I know not everyone can watch the Tonys the night before their wedding, but it was lovely to have a low-key evening watching something we both enjoyed and I got a great night’s sleep!

  3. The night before my wedding, my matron of honor got all the bridesmaids and I a hotel room. That night we had some drinks at the bar. After the bar, we went to back to the room, did each other’s nails and toe nails watched absurd tv programs that made us die laughing and practiced makeup techniques for the day of since my make up artist backed out 2 days before the wedding. We sipped champagne and for the bridesmaids that had gone through the wedding process, they talked to me about things that they loved about their wedding day. They made it their top priority to make sure we all had a good time and just relaxed before the craziness of the wedding day.

  4. We went to the rehearsal dinner, came home, had a drink or two with out of town friends, they left around 11pm. We (yes, Writer Boy and I spent the night together before the wedding) went to bed, had sex, went to sleep by midnight. I would have not done a thing differently.

  5. My husband and I spent the night together. I took a bubble bath with a glass of wine while he wrote out instructions for our cat sitter. So I had a super relaxing time and he… didn’t.

  6. Two good friends were staying with me and my husband, and they cooked a meal for us. We watched a movie while getting things set for the morning, and I spent the time while watching the movie also writing cards I’d bought for the guests (there were only 7 people at our wedding, so I did a personalized message for each one) and putting a skeleton key from our collection in each envelope, while my husband was finishing his vows. It was cozy. 🙂

  7. We have our venue from the Friday to the Sunday. So after decorating the venue we will probably have a take away dinner and a couple of drinks and a game of skittles. 🙂 Can’t wait. So glad we’ve managed to stretch our day out over the weekend.

  8. Since the vast majority of our guests were from out of town, we had a fun Welcome Dinner. We were self catering the whole weekend in a huge gorgeous “cabin” (8 bedroom, 9 bathroom vacation home with a HUGE dining room, livingroom and kitchen). BUT I can imagine doing it as a potluck picnic, pizza night, bowling night, at a park with mini-golf…

    That may not seem relaxing, but since it gave everybody a chance to meet and hang out before the wedding day, it actually made things much more relaxed for us (our families had never had the opportunity to meet before). Also, it was more time we could spend with our guests. No organized activities were necessary – our guests were having so much fun getting to know each other that the fun went on much longer than we actually intended.

    I’ll echo the low alcohol policy. We had wine and beer around, but we had it set up so you really had to intentionally get up and walk out of your way to get it (while other beverages were everywhere) – we didn’t want a party full of exhausted, hung over guests!

  9. We rented a house for the weekend and had a night of board games and pizza for the wedding party and their partners. Everyone had to play at least one game (we had two tables running, first round was Bang! and Settlers of Catan) and then we had a more involved game (Mansions of Madness) for those still interested in playing. The wedding was small (the 10 people of the wedding party/partners made up more than 25% of the total wedding attendees) and we used the night to get to know one another. It worked really well and was pretty low key.

  10. I was staying at my parents house because my husband and I wanted to do the whole traditional “don’t see each other until I walk down the aisle” thing. There was a rehearsal dinner at my parent’s place. My mom did a meat and cheese spread with baguettes and some tarts for dessert. We gave our wedding party their gifts and basically chatted until the party ended. My husband then headed back to our condo, while I stayed with my family.

    Before bed, my dad had put together a slideshow of me when I was little. From when my mom was pregnant with me until I was about 5 or 6. My dad used to own a film camera and would get some of the film developed into those old film slides for those old film projectors. My dad kept all of the slides and the old projector just for this type of occasion. He did it for my older sister’s night-before too, and I imagine he’ll do it for my younger sister as well.

    It was really nice sitting down with my family looking at old pictures projected onto the wall (with that reminiscent clicking/shuffling of the old projector), and laughing/awww-ing at the memories.

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