Angela from NY’s Milestone Images shares the secret to her great photos

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Rehearsal dinner magic, in a moment of sublime lighting, 30 seconds away from the excited crowd gathering before the big day.

Those of you who've been reading Offbeat Bride for a while will be already familiar with our long-time sponsor, Angela from Milestone Images. You know by now that Angela can and will rock the boudoir shots, handle all types of offbeat weddings and teach your guests the Thriller dance, and then when it's all over, she'll also shoot your Trash the Dress session.

But do you know the secret behind how she gets almost all of her amazing wedding day images? We do! And it's not only great in terms of wedding porn, it's also a great deal for y'all.

Angela has two different ways she handles weddings:

First, there are her budget clients who are, as Angela puts it, “getting married at Top of the Rock on a random Wednesday morning in December who know they only want three hours of coverage.” For those guys she does a flat $250 per hour of wedding day coverage.

Then there's her secret-sauce, all-out wedding photography package — $3,000 for unlimited wedding day coverage, including the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner!

Shooting the rehearsal gives me a chance to scope out the venue. Since I travel for nearly 50% of my weddings, I'm always in different places, and my offbeat couples never cease to amaze me with their awesome venue selections, like the Bronx Zoo. The other reason I like shooting the rehearsal is that it gives me a chance to get to know everyone in the wedding party, and all the VIPs get used to me being around with my camera. I get all the, “Wait are we supposed to be looking at you?” type questions out of the way the day before the wedding.

Yup, the secret to so many of Milestone Images amazing shots is getting in on the wedding-y goodness a day early! That makes so much sense — Angela can check on the lighting in the ceremony space, meet the gang, and make sure everyone is on the same page in terms of expectations for photography during the ceremony.

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: As always, Milestone Images offers 10% off to Offbeat Bride readers (which drops the price of signature coverage $300 right off the bat). For couples getting married in 2012, she's offering a special 15% discount if they book her with a signed contract and deposit within three weeks from today.

To recap: Milestone Images' secret for taking amazing wedding photos is ultimate wedding coverage action. Offbeat Bride's secret for getting amazing wedding photos is to hook up with Milestone Images. See what I did there? 😉

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Comments on Angela from NY’s Milestone Images shares the secret to her great photos

  1. Damn, wish she was closer to Chicago! I’d love to have such an awesome photographer for a steal of a deal who already has experience with zoos!

  2. Wish she would move to Texas– she sounds fantastic, and I love her gallery, but I can’t afford to fly her down here and pay for a hotel and proper photographer-of-legend treatment. Terrible! 🙁 Angela, do you have any photographer relatives in Dallas? Who appreciate quirk?

    • I know how you feel, Holly! I’m in Austin and haven’t found anyone of Angela’s caliber to speak of. *Sigh*

      • You could try Lauren McGlynn. She has moved to Scotland but I think she travels to Austin to visit family 🙂
        I’d highly recommend!

    • Aw, I wish, you guys! 🙂 No relatives in Texas, I’m afraid. Thanks for the kind words, though. If there’s anything we can work out with frequent flier miles or payment plans, I’m open-minded about creative solutions. I’ve bunked with relatives of the wedding party, too, in the past, to save on hotel costs.

      October brides: I’m still open for three out of four weekends this year.

  3. As the bride Angie mentions in this article who hosted her wedding at the Bronx Zoo, I can personally attest to her amazing work. She embraces the craziness (I mean that in the best possible way) of the venue, the families and the couple. Her shots are magical – I’m sure the lemurs, snow leopards and sea lions would agree! We were all shown in our best possible light, and I am so grateful to always have these photos to relive the day.

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