A year of Offbeat Brides: another Q&A with Milestone Images

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It's been a year since we had our last Q&A with Milestone Images, and we thought we'd check back in with New York based photographer, Angela, and see how a year full of Offbeat Brides has been treating her…

From Lesley and Todd's wedding.

We love hearing from the photographers that create offbeat wedding porn. Would you tell us about some of your favorite OBB weddings from last year?
The weddings I shot for people who found me through Offbeat Bride have been amazing. These celebrations have ranged from everything from a Wednesday morning elopement in Central Park to Lesley and Todd's beautiful New England coastline wedding to Jen and Ken's autumnal, DIY, summer camp wedding with campfires, cabins and a treasure hunt and Laurie and Sam's cocktail party wedding in a Manhattan loft. They essentially threw a great cocktail party, halfway through which they exchanged simple vows before a justice of the peace, then went right back to a cocktail party. It was great.

From Emily and Jeremy's wedding.

Emily and Jeremy's wedding was pretty unforgettable too, come to think of it. My favorite part was probably the water gun ambush in the middle of the best man's toast. Ha!

Oh! and Henry and Stephanie's wedding!…

From Henry and Stephanie's wedding.

Henry was the most involved groom I've ever met. In between cutting limes for the centerpieces and arranging flowers, he helped his bride get into her dress.

Wow. So it looks like your experience with OBBs (and grooms!) kinda kicked some ass! Any other encounters of the Offbeat kind?
I had the awesome experience of randomly running into a member of the Offbeat Bride Tribe who was at a luau on her honeymoon! I was at the luau with my family, a party of six, and the venue had assigned a random twosome to round out our table.

Fonda and Paddy were so nice, bubbling over with excitement as they described their wedding. As Fonda was talking about their amazing rockabilly-inspired event, I kept thinking that it all sounded very familiar. It was like deja vu … and then I saw her tattoo, and I was like, "Oh my God, I know you from the Offbeat Bride Tribe!"

Much girly excitement and and camaraderie ensued, and then, because I always have my camera with me we did a quick "mini-session" right there at the luau…

You mentioned in our Q&A last year how sensitive you are to bridal body issues … how'd that go down with the OBBs?
The brides who booked me after reading the Q&A last March almost all mentioned being moved by what I said about body image issues and opened a real dialogue about what they were worried about showing up in pictures: from skin and complexion issues that worsen in times of stress (hello, wedding countdown) to vision issues resulting in strabismus (eyes pointing in different directions). So many of these things can be de-emphasized simply by shooting at different angles, coming up with creative solutions or eliminated in post-production.

These conversations touched me! I was really moved that these men and women opened up to me in this way. The trust established in these conversations absolutely translated to the couple's comfort level with me during their weddings, and I think the photos reflect that, I'm proud to say.

With that, I will take one for the team and show you a Before and After example of retouching I did on a photo of myself from my wedding in 2008…

So, what was your favorite thing about spending a year shooting Offbeat Brides?
The best thing about this year has been the give and take of creative ideas and energy. Offbeat Brides are often artists in their own right, and it's just downright inspiring to be around them. I've branched out in all new ways in terms of lighting and techniques, and because of their patronage, I've been able to open my own boutique studio.

That's awesome news! Thanks so much for chatting with us again, Angela.

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Thanks to Milestone Images for letting us know about her awesome experiences with a year full of offbeat weddings! Angela will be sharing more about her studio sessions, including boudoir photography inspired by the glamour of old Hollywood and vintage pinup girls in a future entry! 

Until then, if you want to see more from Angela and her amazing photos.

But better than looking at her photos, f you're planning an East Coast wedding, Milestone Images is offering 10% off to all Offbeat Brides. So head over to her website and, book her to shoot your wedding!

  1. I was at Lesley and Todd's wedding! Angela was great, and captured the spirit of the day. She took beautiful photos during the prep, and even came back the next day to take photos of Lesley and Todd when the sun was out. I highly recommend her work.

  2. I hired Angela to photograph my wedding in October, so far she's amazing and I'm really looking forward to working with her. Not only does she have lots of ideas but she actually seems to care about us as people, which I know isn't a requirement when your paying someone for a service but it's nice to work with someone that doesn't view one of the most important days in your life as just a paycheck.

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