BIG news from one of our most popular wedding photographers, Milestone Images, means a RAD deal for you

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BIG news from one of our most popular and fave wedding photographers, Milestone Images (& a rad deal!)
Milestone Images is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!
Our LOOONGTIME partner and photography goddess Angela Gaul of Hudson Valley's Milestone Images has worked miracles for offbeat couples, from making wedding photography affordable to those who may otherwise not be able to snag it, to providing stunning images to couples from quirky to totally immersed in subcultures. She is one of our go-to partners we can always count on to know all the ins and outs of offbeat weddings.

It's been a while since we talked with her and now we've got REASONS. Big news in her personal life AND huge news for those of you on a budget looking for top-notch wedding photography. Let's see what's new with Angela…

We haven’t heard from you in about a year. What are you up to now?

I just kicked off the 2018 wedding season with a kick-ass two-day event that, among other fantastic things (that Viennese hour, tho), featured some amazing pyrotechnics (see that shot above!).

Wow. Nice shot!

Thank you. Guess what else? I had a baby! Meet my young geekling. This is Ben…

BIG news from one of our most popular and fave wedding photographers, Milestone Images (& a rad deal!)
Sweet lil Ben!

Aww… how old is he?

He was born on January 4th. I actually got the idea for this birth announcement after I shot a wedding for an Offbeat Bride reader back in July when I was in my first trimester. The couple, who found me here, had a Star Wars groom’s cake that they cut with a lightsaber knife and a Harry Potter-inspired topper on their wedding cake. I thought, “That’s so like me and my husband!” I started thinking about other Harry Potter/Star Wars crossovers and stumbled onto the Jedi father/Hogwarts mother thing.

BIG news from one of our most popular and fave wedding photographers, Milestone Images (& a rad deal!)

Sounds like a fun wedding!

SO FUN. They got married at a racetrack.

BIG news from one of our most popular and fave wedding photographers, Milestone Images (& a rad deal!)


Yup! My clients are awesome. Their weddings are awesome. A full 75% of my clients find me through Offbeat Bride or are referred through friends or family who did.

So, here’s the thing. That sweet little Padawan Gryffindor up there? He is a healthy, robust little babe, and we could not be more grateful. Getting him here, on the other hand, was a crazy nine months of complications and bed rest. So, while I’ve been booking well into 2019 for about six months now, there was a period of time at the end of my pregnancy in 2017 and during maternity leave when the whirlwind of shooting, marketing, and booking was just… not a possibility. Luckily, this mostly happened over the wedding slow season… BUT… consequently, I have some prime weekends left in 2018 that aren’t booked yet. So, I have an amazing proposition for Offbeat Bride readers…

Ooh, do tell!

Okay, so I always offer 10% off to Offbeat Bride readers, no matter what. When I do one of these spotlights, I usually offer a special deal like, 15% off, and I’m going to do that for 2019 and 2020 couples who book by June 1. However, I’m going to do my first ever “name your own price” special for couples getting married on 2018 weekends I haven’t booked yet…

Two special deals for readers:

2019 and 2020 couples:
15% off photography packages when you namedrop Offbeat Bride.

2018 couples:
A name-your-own-price deal! Details are below…



Really, truly “name your own price?”

Within reason, yes. So for instance, I once shot a wedding in New York City (my market) where I did five hours of coverage for $1,000 and a USB drive of 500 edited, high-resolution photos with permission to print and share. They were having an incredibly stunning goth fairytale wedding, and the pictures are still in the vendor guide a few years later. The bride and groom are both artists, and they really respected what I do. I wanted that wedding in my portfolio so much. It was win-win.

BIG news from one of our most popular and fave wedding photographers, Milestone Images (& a rad deal!)
Heart eyes for this wedding!

Recently, someone asked if I could give them my $4500 package (ten hours, engagement session, two photographers, super deluxe album, travel required) for $2100. That? I just could not swing. First of all, I pay my second photographer above-market rates, because I value his artistic vision, competence, and supreme reliability. I won’t underpay him or go with someone inexperienced to save money just to cut someone a deal. It’s not worth the risk. My clients are trusting me with their wedding memories, and the least I can do to make sure I'm doing my best for them is pay my experienced, competent second shooters fairly and make sure they're compensated for gas.

I also provide top of the line, flushmount leather albums that aren’t available to anyone who isn’t a legit photo studio with a tax ID number. Albums start (start!) at $400 wholesale just for production, before I account for design time, revisions, engraving, shipping to me before shipping to the client, packaging, etc. So $2100 for that package, given my fixed costs, would mean I wouldn't earn minimum wage for the hours involved, particularly with the travel that wedding in particular required. As much as I wanted to, I just couldn’t make the numbers work.

I won’t compromise on quality, but if you are getting married on a date I have still open in 2018, I’m open-minded. I have availability on Halloweekend 2018, and I love me some Halloween weddings. Readers love Halloween weddings on Offbeat Bride. This could be epic.

Okay, so you can’t do an eight-hour day for $500.

I really can't. But please, tell me your love story. Tell me your budget. If I can make it work, I will.

But you’d do your $4500 package for $3500?

If it doesn’t involve overnight travel, let’s talk.

What about your eight-hour package with an engagement session for $2000?

That one is usually $3600, but it could happen.

Plus, anyone getting married in 2019 or 2020 saves 15% when they book by June 1?


Thanks, Angela!

WOW. A super talented photographer who values you, those who work for her, and the quality of the product she delivers to you, AND she's the best cheerleader for offbeat couples, especially when they need a killer deal to make it all work. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with Angie today and snap up those unbooked dates in 2018!

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