This New York wedding photographer’s candid photos will get your heart racing

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How is this photo even real life?

New York wedding photographer Angie Gaul loves weddings, love stories, rites of passage, and offbeat couples. She's been an Offbeat Bride sponsor for eight years, and, as she explains it…

“This community is the heartbeat and the lifeblood of my business, and I want to work with you! (Yes, you, you gorgeous, lovable, beautiful couples finding your heart's true happiness as you live and love as your authentic selves.)”

Sure, all of her couples receive detail shots of anything they've spent time, energy, or money on (like the dress, cake, rings, DIY projects, centerpieces and fun surprises). They also receive group shots of everyone who matters most in flattering portraits taken in an upbeat and efficient way (you know, to get back to partying ASAP). And of course they'll receive gorgeous, romantic portraiture that tells their unique wedding story.

But where Angie really shines is in capturing those amazing and fleeting candid moments as they unfold.

She's there when you jump for joy with your best friend…

She's there when the love of your life presses your hand to his heart during the first look, so you can feel how his heartbeat races at the very sight of you…

She's there when you nail the elegant Pinterest pose, and then when you randomly crack each other up doing … something else? Involving the train of the dress? In any case, when you're being goofy and hilarious and revealing why you two are a perfect match.

If it's not perfectly clear what an amazing photographer Angie Gaul is from her images alone, please listen to some of her happy clients…

Angie perfectly captures the emotion of every moment — the joy, the love, the braveness, the silliness, whatever is there, she captures those moments every time to give you a lasting reminder of the day. Also, she's funny, humble, creative, and real. She will indulge your crazy ideas but also rein you in when necessary because she knows what works and what will give you the very best photos at the end of the day.” -Alissa

“I am true believer in love at first sight — and I fell in love with Angie the minute she said hello. When planning a wedding you have to work with dozens of people, you meet all different types of vendors and business owners, but no one will ever come close to Angie Gaul. From the minute we met until she hugged me goodbye the night of my wedding she was nothing but amazing. Always responsive (which is surprisingly not the case with everyone), kind, ENERGETIC, and professional…

When the big day comes you realize how important an amazing photographer is, everything revolves around your pictures — when things start, finish, where they are, who needs to be there… it all works around your photographer. She was my photographer-stand-in-wedding-planner for the day, and I could not imagine anyone else doing it.” -Jordan

Oh, and did I mention that Angie is also offering a special discount ON TOP OF her usual Offbeat Bride discount?

Offbeat Discount:

As always Offbeat Bride readers get 10% off from Milestone Images, but anyone who books by May 31, 2017 gets 15% off. (Psst.. that knocks $540 off the most popular package!)

If you're looking for a New York wedding photographer that you can trust and perhaps even love (okay, you're definitely going to love) then hurry up and book Angie from Milestone Images, and see what your surprising special moments look like through her lens.

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