New York’s DJ Ali Gruber wants to hook you up with the eclectic soundtrack to your wedding

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Any vinyl nerds in the house? If you and your partner are New York-area music geeks, I think we just found your wedding DJ!

If you're looking for a loud MC, smoke machines, and line dances, look elsewhere. Our sponsor DJ Ali Gruber keeps it simple, using her degree in music history, along with her analog equipment and amazing vinyl record collection, to provide the eclectic soundtrack to your wedding.

To learn more about our girl, watch this video and read these words…

That right there, is a video of errybody getting down at a wedding — parents, kids, friends — the entire guest list grooving to Ali's tunes. Or as Ali put it, “a bumpin' dance party that spans generations.” Or as one of her colleagues put it…

DJ Ali's spinning is like a family dinner where all the crazy uncles, hopped up cousins, and wise grandmotherly types gather in your ear. The songs she selects are like old familiar relatives you didn't even know you missed, but are so glad they showed up. Her mixes have all the fixin's, and you leave her parties fully satisfied. -Juan Estrella of “Bad Princess,” New Paltz, NY

Photo by Jayd Gardina
Photo by Jayd Gardina

Wanna sneak peek of some of those “mixes with all the fixins”? Here are some of Ali's choices from her “songs I'm dancing to right now” list:

Killer taste, ammaright? From the Motown sound to a Tribe Called Quest, and all of the french pop/disco/afro-boogie/girl groups/dancehall tunes you can think of, Ali's probably spinning it. She curates her collection specifically for each event, with (as she puts it) “the purest intentions of inspiring a really sweaty dance party.”


So if you want to let the music take the lead, without hiding behind flashy lights and loud MCing, then you want to have a sweaty dance party with DJ Ali Gruber!

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Comments on New York’s DJ Ali Gruber wants to hook you up with the eclectic soundtrack to your wedding

  1. Yay!! Alternative music peeps are my favorite kind of vendors. I know that when I (one day) marry, I won’t be seeking out your standard top 40-playin DJ!

  2. I recently booked DJ Ali for my wedding in October 2015! Quality music was very important for my fiance and I and we think we lucked out by finding someone like Ali.

  3. Wow, a lady after my own heart. *Swoon*

    Also, The Sisters Love ‘Give Me Your Love’ is one of my favorite songs of all time.

  4. Spot on article/promo review. She did everything she claimed to do in that article at our wedding last year. EVERYONE got on the dance floor and it made for such an inclusive, fun party, just the way we wanted our wedding with people from all walks of life and eclectic tastes like us. Thanks again Ali!

  5. I don’t even know where to begin, because there are too many wonderful things that need to be said about Dj Ali. First and foremost, dj-ing aside, Ali is an amazing woman! From the second I met her, I loved her! I think it’s pretty safe to say that anyone who has such an amazing RECORD collection must also have an AMAZING spirit.

    Hands down, DJ Ali is by far and away the best Dj EVER!!! As promised, Ali goes above and beyond, delivering a fantastic mix of music from the BEST DECADES to create the PERFECT atmosphere and a SLAMMING dance party! No cheesy, played out radio songs or run of the mill wedding songs that we’re all used to hearing, just pure originality! EVERYONE at our wedding danced the night away…including my 88 year old grandmother and my husband’s 90 year old grandmother. DJ Ali definitely made our wedding the most memorable night ever, and words could never express our gratitude!

    You’d be an idiot not to hire DJ Ali for your wedding! Well that is, unless you love Pit Bull…

    Dakota- rest assured, you DEFINITELY made the right decision!

    more to come..

    • montauk for-eva! thanks @jennifer, you and matt are the cutest! i can’t listen to Hall & Oates without thinking of you two. i wish you could get married again!

  6. If you are looking for a DJ for your wedding look no further! DJ Ali is the best! Before my wedding, I had been to many parties where Ali DJ-ed. I always danced the entire time and loved every song, so when the time came to chose, it was a no-brainer. Everyone at our wedding danced – the older guests, the children and everyone in between – and that was just what we wanted. She spent time with us before hand, asked all the right questions, helped us plan so the event flowed well and came prepared to serve it up right. On your wedding you don’t want to worry about anything. If DJ Ali is at the turntables, you will not have to worry about the music or people having a good time. That’s a promise! 5 stars for sure!

  7. DJ Ali is absolutely amazing! We booked her for our wedding in the Hudson Valley, NY, and we had such a positive experience. We were able to meet with her only once since we are out-of-towners, but she took the time to go over all aspects of the night with us. From entrance music to the ceremony, to dinner and cocktail hour, she made the whole evening so incredibly special. She was open to collaboration but really shone when we just let her do her thing. She started out the evening with lots of easy crowd-pleasers (Jackson 5, Motown and others) and was so great about reading the crowd and getting everyone up out of their seats to dance. By the end of the night we were dancing to ’90s hip hop and some newer hip hop/pop music. Absolutely nothing about her playlist felt tired or boring or conventional, but it was all accessible music that our friends and family loved. We have already had a friend talk about flying her down for a wedding in Florida – she’s that good.

    Not only is she an amazing DJ, but she was so helpful with suggesting how the evening should flow and how we should structure the timeline of the reception. We did so many “different” things at our wedding that made so much sense and made the night feel memorable and very special, and much of that was thanks to Ali.

  8. We love Ali Gruber!!! She helped make our wedding seamless and stress free. Ali’s a great MC and made all the transitions from the cocktail hour to the cake wedding smooth as butter. Her musical selection was fun and kept everyone on the dance floor all night long. If you want a hip, unique and funky DJ for your wedding we recommend ALI!

  9. Dj Ali is AWESOME! My husband and I love to dance and we try to make it to every event she DJ’s, because we know it is going to be the hottest thing going on that night. We were so blessed to have her DJ our wedding – all of our friends and relatives had such a blast and even the more self-conscious at our party made it onto the dance floor at some point that night. I would recommend her to anyone planning an event or looking to throw an unforgettable dance party!

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