When Comic-Con speed dating leads to wedded bliss: a nerdy theater celebration

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 | Photography by Dan Aguirre
All photos by Dan Aguirre.

Sarah and Shane first met at a Comic-Con Speed Dating event, and their love for movies, Doctor Who, and puppets brought them together. They got married at the Scotia Cinema in New York, where guests were greeted with popcorn and 3D glasses, and then peppered with trivia questions about the couple's relationship.

Shane, a comic book illustrator, designed the wedding program himself. Guests munched on slices of an INCREDIBLE Van Gogh-inspired cake and then the two newlyweds snuck off for a little one-on-one Kermit-viewing time.


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Comments on When Comic-Con speed dating leads to wedded bliss: a nerdy theater celebration

    • I’m going to have to second that – DAT DAT CAKE! Also, I love theater weddings.

    • I said the same exact thing the second I saw that picture. Stole the words right out of my mouth.

  1. Wow, based on you puppets, the Tardis, and the Van Gogh cake, I’m pretty sure my husband and I would be best friends with this couple. Love everything!!!!

  2. OH. YE. GODS.
    This is amazing all told, but the pic of the entire audience in old-school 3D glasses is the BEST.

  3. This! ALL OF THIS. The last photo?!?! THAT. UH MUH GUD. ALL OF IT. Also, LOVE the bespectacled bride.

  4. We have the same ring! I chose a silver claddagh too 🙂 Love the remained claddagh graphics too.

  5. That Cake is so amazing!!!!!! Everything is so detailed and fun! This is the sort of wedding I would love to attend 🙂

  6. Oh hey, I know Shane! Ha ha…. (I love randomly seeing people I know on OBB!) The wedding details are amazing. The cake is especially fab. Congratulations!! 🙂

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