Find out what Ozzy Osbourne, MMA, and abandoned asylums have to do with NY wedding photographer Jeremy Harris

Updated Oct 12 2015
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Has it really been five years!?
Has it really been five years!?

Man, it's been a while since we last checked in with New York-based photographer Jeremy Harris. Whoa, was that really back in 2009? I love long-time sponsors!

Since it's been about five years since we've gushed about Jeremy's photography, we've got a LOT to catch up on.

Let's talk rock stars, weddings, and abandoned asylums (wait, what!?) with Jeremy…

jeremy harris wedding photographer

With a background in rock 'n' roll photography, Jeremy's wedding work tends to be part documentary, and part editorial. He's also a successful commercial photographer, which means Jeremy understands how to gently direct you without seeming pushy. But don't take my word for it — take Ozzy Osbourne's word for it. Here's what he had to say after being photographed by Jeremy:

"That was fun, Mate! You made it easy." -Ozzy Osbourne
Bikes are also a big theme in Jeremy's non-wedding work.
Bikes are also a big theme in Jeremy's non-wedding work.

When not on assignment shooting rock stars like Ozzy, or MMA fighters, Jeremy enjoys chilling at home with his cats and a good crime novel, checking out some live rock 'n' roll, getting tattooed, and working on his current personal project: exploring and photographing abandoned asylums. Could this dude be any better of a fit for offbeat couples!? You can see his incredible non-wedding photos here.

jeremy harris wedding photography

But when it comes to weddings, Jeremy is a total romantic. He readily admits that he "geeks out" on shooting weddings — especially the portraits and details. Thanks to his background in rock 'n' roll and MMA fighting photography, he also prides himself on being able to roll with the punches to create amazing images regardless of the obstacles. (Get it? MMA fighting? Punches? I'll just see myself out…)


Do you want wedding images worthy of Rolling Stone? Do you think engagement photos in an abandoned asylum would be awesome? Or do you just want to say that you and Ozzy use the same photographer? Then get in contact with Jeremy Harris before SPIN magazine books him instead.

  1. Now that's what I call a rocking testimonial.

    Jeremy's feeling for architecture and atmosphere really shines through in all these photos, regardless of what the subject is doing. Somehow it wasn't a surprise to find that he's the same photographer behind that lyrical collection of asylum 'scapes.

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