Jazell and Debra were part of the Pop Up Chapel event in New York City, which brought together unique archways and backdrops to 24 same-sex couples for an open-air ceremony. They were among some of the first same-sex couples to get married after the Marriage Equality Act was passed. Their ceremony was held in Central Park in front of Columbus Circle on July 31, 2011.

Roman Francisco was there to photograph the event including their amazing outfits, Buddhist ceremony, and a large, supportive audience of guests and spectators.

Hardcore fans


This is one of the ‘pop-up chapels' created by the New York-based firm Z-A Studio called ‘Kiss.' It's made of honeycomb cardboard.


Barbara of Jester Of The Peace officiated the ceremony.



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Comments on A Buddhist same-sex new york pop-up wedding

  1. Not only Buddhist but Korean, too! They are rocking the Hanbok! (traditional Korean clothing) 😀

    & I love that pop-up chapel. I never thought to use cardboard…Hmmm. This gives me ideas.

  2. I love the hanbok as well! They’re slightly modernized, and look great on both of them.

  3. Congratulations for Deb and Jazelle! They also wore each other’s wedding rings during their ceremony until it was time to give them to each other, imbuing the other’s ring with their own love. They also said their wedding vows in unison. What a joy!

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