Oh, to be a sandwich with these people. They are totally gorgeous and had an equally gorgeous elopement under a huge-mongous oak tree in New Orleans. Krysten chose the destination and planned the trip since she loves NOLA, and Chris wrote the ceremony himself. In their own words, they wanted “simplicity and fiscal solvency,” so eloping just made perfect sense. To get the ceremony under that majestic tree, a little smooth talking was in order with a gruff groundskeeper!

Elizabeth Ray had the pleasure of capturing their awesomeness and shared these photos with us. Enjoy!











There's more where this came from, my friends. Elizabeth Ray Photography has the lot.

photography: Elizabeth Ray Photography

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Comments on A fashionable and musical elopement under a giant oak tree

  1. Erm, can we all just take a moment and acknowledge the extreme sexiness of this couple. Like, damn!

    • Yeah, Superman already called dibs on being sandwiched by these two, but I’m waiting my turn next in line.

      (Offbeat Bride, perhaps the only wedding blog where couples featured are sexually propositioned by editors?)

  2. Hi, bride here. Thank you for the sweet comments! I bought the dress at Anthropologie! It’s still there, and now available in NAVY, which I probably would have went for first…

    • PLEASE tell me where this oak is located! This looks like the perfect place to get married! Thanks so much!

  3. This is what YES! and THIS! and FTW! would look like if they hopped on the good foot and did the bad thing. 😉 That dress and that couple….divine!!

  4. The Sexiness! The Simplicity! The FISH EYE SHOT! The trombone-wielding witness! You guys are my wedding heroes!! This post is going to my guy right away because THIS, above all else, must convince him that eloping is the way to go.

    mazel tov!

  5. Soooooooooooo gorgeous. And sweet. And just…divine. I love everything about this tiny little wedding. Gorgeous bride, adorable groom. Perfect.

  6. Beautiful live oak! This is exactly why I picked my ceremony site at Fontainebleau State Park across the lake from New Orleans. Your elopement is gorgeous! As are you both!

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