Lolo & Kevin's N'Awlins/NYC Wedfest

Updated Oct 12 2015
Wedfest 208
Photos by Oeil Photography

The offbeat bride: Lolo, Nurse Practicioner

Her offbeat partner: Kevin, Good Ol' N'Awlins Musician

Location & date of wedding: St. Anthony of Padua (ceremony) and the Benachi House (reception) in New Orleans, LA on October 11th, 2008

What made our wedding offbeat: Not my first time around but his and he's in the music biz and almost 50! So it HAD to be a production. Balloons, pinatas, rubber duckies in the 100 year old fountains

I wore red and my grandma's hat and he wore a new suit he bought to wear to future funerals, no lie (really, he's practical… his family is aging). My kids were our best man and maid of honor, combat boots and all.

We didn't serve typical local chow: no gumbo or jambalaya. But went with Mediterranean food since our honeymoon was cruisin' around the Mediterranean, and I didn't wanna hear, "My mamma's gumbo's better'n this".

I spent $150 on ALL the flowers by getting them from my fave vendor at the Crescent City Farmers Market and made the bouquets and bouts from leaves and rosemary from my backyard and wire and crystal picks on the morning of the wedding.

Our biggest wish was that everyone have a good time so we handed out flip flops (comfy dancin' shoes) along with almond champagne and cupcakes and encouraged folks to dance, drink, roll on the grass, swim in the fountains, whatever. And our photographer was given free reign, and DAMN! she delivered!

Our biggest challenge: Out of town relatives and friends… we invited every last one. Most RSVP'd and came but some didn't so we never knew… maybe they'll see us here?? Suckers!

My favorite moment: Honestly. My fave moment was the *gasp* when they opened the church doors and I was standing there in all my red glory with my mom on the left and my dad on the right, seeing Kevin on the altar looking like he was on stage for his 1st grade talent show. After the gasp was over, I said to my mom "I wasn't scared until right now" and she said "Get over it, I've waited 35 years to get rid of you."

My offbeat advice: Be yourselves, bitches!! Kid-ding… keep in mind what you want from the day, and how best to accomplish it with the people you want to share it with you. We wanted Kevin's 80-something relatives to enjoy it as much as the pregnant gals and the romper room set, so we had a lil' something for everyone, and we loved seeing everyone happy.

Sounds dopey, but really, after waiting almost 10 years for this,we just wanted THE WORLD to revel in our glory! Hence, the rubber duckies, the pinatas, the garden party atmosphere and easy accessibility for wheelchairs, the guest book that made everyone go "OOH!" (Where the Wild Things Are), the RSVPs that gave options besides attend or not (Kevin's grammar school principal, a nun, responded she wouldn't come unless there was free alcohol).

We wanted to love this whole experience and we wanted everyone we loved to love it too, so we included something for everyone. The result was amazing.

Some of our vendors: I had my heart set on a red dress and traveled to try on red dresses that looked amazing online, then discovered that the one that WAS amazing after I tried it on was cheaper elsewhere online at a real store with a physical location.

I got gloves for me and my bridesmaids at Party City, cheap and effective. And I had no problem wearing my grandma's hat instead of a veil. It is something old, in beautiful condition, close to my heart, and it matched everything. So check your family's closets and attics, and don't be shy.

My favorite place for everything else was the farmer's market, whic is local to NOLA but check your local listings. I got flowers, bridesmaids' gifts, the baker for my cupcakes and eclairs for my groom's cake, vendors for my wine and almond champagne (AWESOME!!), and the recommendations for my venue from vendors at the market.

I also was not shy about asking for help. My one sister took my checkbook and the other took my cellphone, so all I had to do was LOVE IT! Find siblings or friends who will do this for you and it makes a huge difference. It's all about enjoying your day!

Enough talk — show me the wedding porn: Click on the photo below for awesome stunningly beautiful shots from Lolo and Kevin's good ol' Nawlins' wedding bash!

  1. I just checked out the rest of the photos on flickr.. this wedding is going down as one of my favorites ever on OBB!! I've never seen a more gorgeous red dress. Well done. This wedding and this couple are perfection.

  2. After the gasp was over, I said to my mom "I wasn't scared until right now" and she said "Get over it, I've waited 35 years to get rid of you."

    OMG I love this!

  3. Loved the story and almost started tearing up! Sheesh, what a girl.

    Personally, I also love to see other couples besides myself and my FH with an age gap between them making each other so crazy happy. 🙂

  4. Hooray for the NOLA bride love! I don't see nearly enough New Orleans gals on here. I wish this post would have happened while I was planning…

    Beautiful dress, bride, groom, and wedding!

  5. Yay to hot chicks with older hubby's! I'm one too!
    Your dress is by far the most stunning red dress I have ever seen. I am in love with the back!

    Really beautiful wedding, congrats!

  6. Beautiful wedding, you make it sound so joyful and relaxed which I'm sure it was! And I have to agree, your mum's comment is the best part of your story! I can imagine mine saying the same thing! Congratulations 🙂

  7. ***After the gasp was over, I said to my mom "I wasn't scared until right now" and she said "Get over it, I've waited 35 years to get rid of you."***

    That part made me laugh so hard. I needed a laugh!

  8. Wow! I love it.. It's all about personality and they really showed theirs and I love how they made it about themselves AND everybody else. Great stuff! Congrats!

  9. YAY! SOOOooo glad my day was shared with y'all! The photogrpager is Michelle from Oeil Photography in Pensacola, FL, she's AMAZING!! I think she made our memories more real than the actual short lived experience was, and she totally did her own thing which was soo stress free. The dress is by Justin Alexander #8115, I had my seamstess bustle it and do something funky with the lacing of the corset so no one knew I was chubbed out. All the more cleavage, bonus to the wedding night, oh yeah! And yes, my mom RULES! Most of all, make it your own day, babies, don't go pleasin' or tryin to change ye…love to ou and your other and SHOW IT!!!

  10. Love your RED wedding gown!! and your mom's comment as well. Sounds like you had a great wedding. Congrats to you!!

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