The Offbeat Bride: Sarah, stay-at-home mom

Her offbeat partner: Adam, business owner

Date and location of wedding: Scotland Run Golf Club, Williamstown, NJ — December 21, 2012

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: Adam and I got engaged shortly before we learned we were expecting a baby. We fully intended to have the dream wedding we always wanted — a backyard party with horseshoes and the like. As I got further along in my pregnancy, we decided we wanted to be married before our son arrived. I always wanted to get married on December 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar (and the Winter Solstice!). We could truly say that the stars were aligned on our wedding day.



I feared I would have a miserable time being eight months pregnant, but I danced my big belly off and enjoyed each and every moment of the day! Adam and I spent the night opening cards, giving mutual foot massages, and of course making some overdue love.



My favorite moment: The most memorable moment of our wedding day was the ceremony. I am a sucker for corny jokes. I also snort when I laugh. Our pastor was very funny, and told great stories and jokes during the ceremony. At one point Pastor Ken said, “I asked Adam what Sarah's favorite flower was.” At that moment, Adam squeezed my hands, because he knew that my favorite flower was the sunflower. The pastor continued by saying, “Adam said, ‘Sure, that's easy. Pillsbury All-Purpose!'” I lost it, and my snorting only made it worse!





Our biggest challenge: Having a short engagement presented some disappointments. I didn't have a bridal shower and the pregnancy put a damper on bachelorette fun. I feared that I would be totally and completely exhausted at the wedding itself. In the end, it ended up being fine, and the bridal shower and the bachlorette party were inconsequential because I married the father of my son.





What was the most important lesson you learned from your wedding? The most important lesson I learned from my wedding is that unconventional choices are okay. I also learned that not everyone will understand your choices, and there's nothing you can do about that. I also learned that many people, the people who matter the most, love and support you.


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Comments on Sarah & Adam’s winter solstice wedding

  1. I love December weddings!

    We got married on the 20th of December, and it happened to be SNOWPOCOLYPSE in Seattle that year! Then, three years later, our son was born on our anniversary!

    Many happy years to you and your sweet family!

  2. I absolutely love the idea of getting married on the solstice! The only reason that’s not what we are doing is because all our families have to travel for it and it’s so close to Christmas. You look amazing as well. Beautiful all around 🙂

  3. breath-taking shots and the bride looks sooo gorgeous! I uber-love the Long Exposure night shot and the handkerchief for the bride’s mom! Best wishes!

  4. I’m honored our wedding is being featured! We had a very happy first anniversary this Saturday, and seeing our story here has made it even better! Thank you!

    • Sarah! This is so cool! Your wedding looked amazing and so did you! (ps this is your cousin Julia!) I love this site and I love that you’re featured here!

  5. We’re now celebrating 7 years. It feels like much longer, as much as our lives have changed in 7 short years. In fact, if we had waited for our dream wedding, I would have been a bride with twins in her belly! Our family of 5 has seen happy moments and hard moments, but rarely any dull moments! I’m grateful to have this story to look back upon and feel the true love that was there the day we solidified our family!

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