Phenomenal photos and freebies with New Jersey’s Neil van Niekerk

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See the couple pictured here? This is Katie and Nathan as photographed by New Jersey offbeat sponsor Neil van Niekerk. After she got her pictures back, Katie immediately emailed Neil and told him:

Given the wonderful work you did for our wedding, I was thinking you should definitely be on Offbeat Bride so other offbeat brides in our area can find you!

Thanks for looking out, Katie! Now I get the opportunity to share with you, not only some truly beautiful photography work, but also a special offer for other offbeat brides filled with fun extras from Neil van Niekerk. Let's take a peek, shall we…

You should start by checking out Katie and Nathan's wedding. It pains me that those two haven't filled out a bride profile yet — fabulous fashion, gorgeous colors, hula hoops on fire, dogs on pianos — and all PERFECTLY captured by Neil. It's not to be missed.

Neil van Niekerk's clients are those of you who are not only looking for a highly skilled photographer, but also want one who's creative, relaxed, and fun. Like Jackie here, Neil's most recent Offbeat Bride client, who had a small wedding with a quirky Alice in Wonderland theme and rocked a bad-ass brooch bouquet and CLEARLY knew how to wield that baby.

Yes, Neil is all about being creative and having fun with his clients, on TOP of the amazing works of photo genius. I love his balance of gorgeous photography and the focus on the couple themselves. I think my favorite quote from his website is this:

Wedding portraits should be about romance, and not the gazebo. Indeed, we need more cowbell, less gazebo!

Neil is also available to travel. He recently shot Lisa and Kelly at their destination wedding in Florida. Once again, the photos are phenomenal.

Ooh, and here come the freebies:

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: When you book Neil van Niekerk, 100 beautiful 5×7 thank you cards printed on textured linen paper will be included in your package (a $300 value) and you'll get digital files from the complementary engagement photo session (a $250 value).

Bride in New York, New Jersey, and those planning destination weddings — get on the Neil van Niekerk train! Amazing photos, fun good times, and freebies? Hook yourself up.

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  1. Love Nathan’s hat, great style. Lisa and Kelly look really happy together too. Great pictures Neil van Niekerk, you do really fantastic work!

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