The Offbeat Bride: Ang, Bingo Chat Mod, Event Planner wanna-be

Her offbeat partner: Matt, Automotive Technician, Musician

Location & date of wedding: Bethany Covenant Church, Bedford, NH — 11/14/2009

What made our wedding offbeat: The main theme of this wedding was low maintenance. I wanted to ENJOY the wedding process, not be miserable and stressed the whole time. It was hard, but it happened! After that was the budget of $5,000. I know that other brides have done it on smaller budgets, but I was ecstatic with what we were able to accomplish.

Hand in hand with the budget was copious amounts of DIY/small business. The only vendors we used were our wonderful photographer and the people we ordered chicken tenders from, oh and my AMAZING jewelry. And hot on the trail of the chicken tenders, was how we bucked tradition.

OBT would call it the “Not so average bride“. Yes, I wore a big poofy white dress, and we had cake, but there was no veil, no giving away of the bride, my bridesmaids didn't match in the slightest, the whole ceremony was about the joining of our families, a booze/dance free brunch reception in the church basement, no tossing of the bouquet/garter, and instead of a sweetheart table Matt and I were able to mingle with all our guests one on one.

Oh yeah, and our brunch consisted of French Toast, Bagels, Chicken Tenders, and Bagel Bites, all kept smoking hot by the awesome ladies of the church who volunteered their Saturday to help us out. Not to mention the whole thing was to be streamed live over the interwebs.

Our biggest challenge: Dealing with people. The wedding coordinator we had to use was very frustrating (this was only her second wedding). I had some relatives who sent emails that they wouldn't be coming to my weird wedding, and how shameful it was. The rain prevented us from using the classic convertible we bought as our escape vehicle.

Over it all I just repeated my mantra, “low maintenance.” Even if none of the other stuff I'd been obsessing about for the past year makes it to the wedding, even if no one else shows up, at the end of the day I'm marrying my best friend and that's all that matters.

My favorite moment: This is so lame, but after the wedding was over, after we were in our awesome hotel, the photographers had left, Matt and I looked at each other and he said “We really should have brought some food with us.” A few hours later, we went out for McDonalds, came back, and I curled up against him while we watched Mythbusters and fell asleep. At 7:30, when we woke up, Matt proclaimed us the worst newlyweds ever. But that cuddly moment was the most “husband and wife” I felt all day. All the dramas were gone, it was just us, and it was perfect.

Jazz hands!
Jazz hands!

My advice for other offbeat brides: EDIT EDIT EDIT!!!!! Ask the girls on OBT, I had SOOOOO many ideas of little details that I wanted to do. If I did end up doing them, they were in a severely different version that I planned at the beginning. Most of them I threw out completely. No favors, no welcome bags for the out of town guests, instead of a highly involved interactive artistic seating chart, we decided to just let people sit themselves. Those details that all the bridal blogs are constantly obsessing over are NOT worth your sanity. Seriously.

And on that note, for the love of God, please don't go overboard with the bridal blogs. This said from a girl who currently has over fifty on her RSS feed. While they're great for inspiration, they also have a tendency to make you doubt your own decisions, even to the point of hating your own wedding, because it will never be as awesome as the people in the blog. Screw them. Take what you need from them and move on. Seriously. That was THEIR day, focus on YOURS. [Editor's note: Ariel wrote a great post on this if you need more convincing: When to stop looking at wedding porn]

Stay tuned for this chalkboard DIY post!
Stay tuned for this chalkboard DIY post!

Also, if you fall head over heels in love with something out of your price range, nine times out of ten, there is a way you can get it — either by smart shopping, bartering or DIY. OBT is a great resource for this kind of thing. All of my decor was DIY.

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Comments on Ang & Matt’s low maintenance, low budget, DIY wedding

  1. I love your "McDonald's and Mythbusters" story! Sounds like you guys needed a bit of low-key time to yourselves after the wedding. Also, your wedding dress is so beautiful. Congratulations on a lovely day!

  2. It was said before but I really can't figure out why your relatives objected to your wedding. It looks very similar to my parents wedding in certain ways (1969) who were completely conservative. Classy church wedding, with sweet family moments.
    I am getting married in the fall at a camp I used to work out so I LOVED your jewlery, invitaions and cake.:)

    • yeah, the wedding looks super sweet to me. And im insanely curious to know how some of the relatives thought the wedding was shameful and weird? its in a church…last i checked, really conservative people freaked out over weddings NOT being in a church XD

  3. i could never understand why family feels the need to critic anyones wedding. seriously, if you dont like what we can accomplish on a budget, then for crying out loud, pay for it! i had a simple wedding that i spent less then 3k on. 50 guests. luckily i had some really good friends who were more then willing to donate their services. i have a friend who is a dj and another who is a photographer. the biggest ticket item was our wedding night spent in a corner room with a veiw on the river downtown in a fancy schmancy hotel. we have been married for 11 years now and our friends and family still talk about what a good time they had at our DRY wedding. of course having another friend who woked at a local nightclub talk his boss into making arangements for everyone to gather in his bar after the reception for a cashbar didnt hurt!

    your wedding was both classy and sweet. i like the intimacy of the decor and how comfortable you all seem!

  4. Darlin', I served with Weird and Shameful, I knew Weird and Shameful, Weird and Shameful are friends of mine. Darlin', you're not Weird nor Shameful.

  5. This has been asked a bunch, but I need to know where are the shoes from! I actually purchased a dress similar to your style, and those shoes would match the bridesmaids dresses we have. I MUST GET THEM!

  6. I definitely just saw this wedding and freaked out because it is so perfectly in the spirit of what I want. (My fiance and I are having a church ceremony and basement reception, as well.) This looks so classy yet simple! I love it!

  7. I have a family that would probably have the same views and ideals, but none of that matters. All that matters is how you choose to handle it. You can't control what anyone else does even though you keep wishing for it. When you know what's right for you stick with it, cause in the end all you really need to please is yourself. I have a similar situation where I know that if and when me and my man decide to get married, I can't even decide whether or not I even want to invite my family. I told my bf that it is not that important where or when or how we do it. I'd be happy getting married in McDonalds! So kudos to you for staying strong, in the long run you and your man will be closer and be able to get through anything and you are each other's family now.

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