New England’s Real Wedding Films are NOT your average wedding videos

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Inspired by his distaste for cheesy wedding videos (you know the kind: video over public domain wedding music and, if you're lucky, some crappy audio of a toast) Morgan Kirkham started Real Wedding Films. Real Wedding Films is a highly-skilled, Full HD DSLR, cinematography team based in Maine shooting all over New England.

Real Wedding Films are comprised of fly-on-the-wall, documentary-style footage, combined with an incredibly delicate touch while editing. What you end up with is a wedding film that feels like it could be entered into film festivals.

In fact, take my Real Wedding Film challenge:

I dare you to watch Diane and Monique's wedding (worth noting: two people you've never met before) and NOT cry.

See what I mean!? That's one spectacular wedding film. And really, it WAS like a film with Morgan's highly audio-driven, narrative approach. The term “video” does not live here.

If you're on the lookout for more than just-your-average-wedding-video, contact Real Wedding Films and get a moving picture saga of your love.

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Comments on New England’s Real Wedding Films are NOT your average wedding videos

  1. I have never. Ever. Simultaneously laughed and cried so hard from overwhelming joy. That video is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. If I literally had ANY way of booking this videographer, I would. I have never seen two people so completely, gorgeously in love who were also so eloquent in their expression of that love. Mind blowing. Congratulations to Morgan Kirkham (who obviously has remarkable skill), to the magnificent brides (who will obviously live in mesmerizing love until the end of their days), and to the entire world (because it is good for *everyone* that this love and the record of it exists), especially when everybody gets to enjoy it fully.


  2. This is so heartwarming, and DARN IT I have already had my wedding! My wedding videos are all shaky and you cant hear the music , and they are all about 5 minutes long. This is a very special thing for the couple to watch without being lulled to sleep, and a great thing to watch with friends over!

  3. Beautiful, glorious, wonderful! I totally thought I could make it through without crying, and I was WRONG! I had never thought I would get a videographer for my wedding, but now I may be reconsidering…

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