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November 13 2007 | arielmstallings
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Let's steal a bottle of champagne from the buffet table and sneak out back with Nearlyweds!,'s sponsor for the month of November!

Y'all are familiar with my loathing of traditional wedding website aesthetics, which usually seem to include lots of doves and bells and pink and BLEAH. I may have pink hair, but I am not into pinky-pink over-femmey wedsites.

It seems that Nearlyweds! is one of the first to finally really get it — not all brides want frilly, froofy websites!

Nearlyweds! takes offbeat wedsite design to a new level with their wedding website designs, created by indie designers like Izzygirl, Rock Paper Scissors, Feterie, mmmpaper, and Carciofi Design.
Dude, where else are you going to find the perfect black wedding website template for your goth festivities? Or a nice brown skyline template for your SF wedding? Even the pink floral design passes my muster, feeling almost like an antique peony blockprint instead of some sort of rose petal vomitorium.

Also, here's some gossip: I have insider information that Nearlyweds wedding website templates were designed specifically with readers in mind. That's right: y'all are now driving the design decisions of wedding website developers. GO, BAD-ASSES!

But the real secret sauce for Nearlyweds! wedding website templates is that if you like the design, in many cases you can order matching wedding invitations. Like that black goth template? Grab the matching invites! Love Izzygirl's polka dot aesthetic and want to carry the theme over to your paper stuffs? DONE!

And of course (of course) Nearlyweds! can make a website to match your pre-existing invites. You'll have to contact Nearlyweds! for more details on that, but it's definitely an option.

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So head to Nearlyweds! and give it a shot — sign up today and give with a two-week free trial. Then, if you like what you see, Offbeat Brides get a 10% discount when signing up!

  1. wow! this is great… i love peony. totally my style. not like any templates i've seen anywhere. thanks for the tip, i love it!

  2. I really love the bride in the pants suit with the train. Where can i purchase this item. I'm having an out door spring wedding, and this outfit is what I've always dreamed of. please respond to this e-mail. I just have to know if its available.
    thank you, Bridget

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