This styled nautical wedding shoot will channel your classy inner pirate

August 28 2015 | mswolfgang  
Photos by: Vintage Heights Studio

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Bride and groom toast at nautical wedding shoot
Photos by Regina as The Photographer, LLC and Ashlee Hamon Photography

I know, I know. We don't normally publish styled shoots! But life is about knowing when to break the rules, right? And when we saw this alternative, nautical wedding shoot at a Tampa brewery, we figured we really should give you all the chance to ooo and ahhh as much as we did.

Vintage Heights Studio is a co-op of two photographers, a florist, and a vintage rental company, and each one of 'em turned their skillz up to 11 for this shoot. The bride has a fishtail braid and not one but two mermaid dresses (AND HER NAILS, ZOMG)… the groom is a tattooed, bearded, multi-ring-wearing hottie (so pretty much a pirate, right?)… and both models are surrounded by the most delicious of sea-worthy stuff. Feast your eyes on glass buoys, driftwood, octopus invitations, and flowers that look like they belong under the sea.

And if you do not gasp out loud at that copper-detailed, chalkboard-drawing, star-spangled wedding cake, then I have greatly misjudged you.

Handlettered navy and copper wedding invitations

Watermelon tourmaline wedding ring

Tattoo sleeves on bearded groom

Fishtail braid for a nautical wedding

Get it right

Mermaid dress for a nautical wedding

Hanging orchids for a nautical wedding

Tiny wooden shark swims with orchids

Fishing net as nautical wedding decor

Hand lettered compass

Nautical inspired shell and sparkles nails

Fabulous nautical nails

Octopus cufflinks

Seating at a nautical wedding

Driftwood and eucalyptus

Sea glass and lanterns

Sea glass as nautical wedding decor

Seashell floral display

Copper handlettering for Drinks

Nautical dinnerware

Sign for the Mister

Geodes and shells and gold dinnerware

Green and blue glassware

A nautical brewery wedding

Bride wears Converse groom wears beard

Shark head says Sweets

Chalkboard and copper wedding cake

Copper detail on nautical wedding cake

Ship cake topper for nautical wedding cake

Tattoos and a black wedding dress

Black lace wedding dress

Black wedding dress at a brewery

Black wedding dress with fishtail tights

Brewery styled wedding


Apparel: Isabel O'Neil Bridal Collection • Cake Designer: Chefin • Equipment Rentals: Tufted • Floral Designer: Florist Fire • Invitation Designer: Franny & Franky Designs • Jewelry: Albisia Jewelry and Seaweed Souls • Makeup: May Rodriguez Makeup • Nails: NailPop LLC • Photographers: Regina as The Photographer, LLC and Ashlee Hamon Photography • Venue: Coppertail Brewing Co • Venue Design: Schillers Architectural and Design Salvage

This post was written based on information provided by the photographer. If there are any errors or omissions, please contact us.

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  1. My husband would love this wedding. He loves nautical stuff. I love it too!! The cake looks no other I have seen (that's the point right!). The bride is beautiful and the groom, well his beard rivals my husbands for awesomeness.

  2. I love this wedding shoot- its got some great ideas, I wish I was able to incorporate some of them in my wedding. But the plates are to die for- does anyone know where I could find them? or a link or something- My husband loves old nautical stuff and I would love to surprise him with these!!!

  3. It looks like those are octopus cufflinks tucked into the leafy greens, but I can't find them, or anything like them, on the vendors' pages. I've been looking for octopus cufflinks for my Companion, where are those from?

  4. Love her nails, but my first thought after that moment was: Those things will get knocked off the second she tries to do anything with her hands.

    The other thing I loved was the ring. I just really like the entire raw look of it.

    • Hi Ellie! Actually the nails last quite a while. Nail Pop made these custom for our shoot, however, she does have other press-on's available. The ring is watermelon tourmaline which is super pretty and organic looking.

  5. Oh holy moly. This is darn near the exact wedding we're planning for our February shindig in Key West. How did you fine folks get into my brain!?!? I get so frustrated with "nautical" wedding stuff because it's usually too preppy for us. I've been collecting derelict crab buoys and piles of driftwood for months now (the neighbors are concerned). We 'shopped tentacles into our save-the-dates, I have a lovely silver octopus bracelet to wear and my shoes have scales on them. I've been trying to figure out what to do with florals, and this looks so great. Pretty thrilled I can now show my family and vendors something elegant when they ask me, "soooo why do you want all these old bottles and nets again??" Superb shoot!!

  6. These photos are absolutely gorgeous — that wedding, wow! I love the nautical theme and how neat the little trinkets and decoration are. Those nails are way too fun but look like they might catch on things easily. Either way, how fun!

  7. *grabbyhandsgrabbyhandsgrabbyhands*

    Also, how adorable is it that both her gowns are mermaid-style? Love all the detail that went into this AND THAT CAKE!!! *swoons*

  8. WOW – Love the cake and the couch and the stockings and the wooden shark and the cufflinks and oh my those nails!

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